“Girlish” STEM

The idea of our activity got into our minds (mine and some girls from the 9-th grade) after the first visit to the Garage hub. It is the Fab lab which is situated in Kharkov in Ukraine. We visited it in October 2018 and after that decided to take there other girls who are younger. This place inspires you and gives you ideas, because there are a lot of things which are made from unexpected materials.

Therefore, we took there our fifth graders. During the visit they saw different self-made machines. Later in the conversation, we talked about the questions which were connected with the topic of the creators of these things, and so we discussed the question – can girls and women make it too (because there were mostly men)? So, can we make something and who can help us? Only an adult person can be a professional or not?

They told me about a guy from the ninth grade who has already created a robot and they saw it last year. We asked him to help and then got our activity:

1. Our future makers (9-12 old) girls brought the Lego blocks for the main body of the robot.

2. We drew the models of the household machines for the future.

3. Our robotechnic brought the scheme, plot plans, wires and Arduino (all the things for the making).

4. We divided into the groups of 12-15 for comfortable participation and prepared.

We used the resource from the Scientix repository (http://www.scientix.eu/resources/details?resourceId=8912).

More than 50 girls took part in our activity.

There was a community at school between the pupils of the 9th, 4th and 5th grades forms and the parents and the class teachers. All these efforts gave us the possibility to create.

The girls got the idea of YOU can. We are girls and our STEM is really girlish, but we use this word not as insult – just telling you the truth. And we also picked up ageism theme – no matter what age you are. Our robotechnic even can’t get driver’s license yet! We enjoyed our STEM week, and we hope you enjoyed our report about it.