Don’t Stop, Imagine, Discover, Produce

We had a meeting with the teachers at our school for the STEM Discovery Week event one month before the event and we discussed what we can do at the event. We used the resources to determine the activities we will do. When determining STEM activities, we made sure that more students could do it, and that it was simple and inclusive. We supplied construction materials. We marked in the STEM Discovery Week map that we had planned this event in Yalova Kardelen Secondary school garden in Turkey, on Thursday 25 Th April 2019 at 13.00 – 15.30. We made announcements at school through posters and social media.

On the day of the event, we wanted all of the students to go to the school yard. We opened 9 workshops under the leadership of 9 different branches. The workshops took place in tents which we built in the school’s garden.

Each of the workshops lasted 30 minutes with 4 students. All students in our school have registered in the workshop according to their interests and wishes. In the workshops, students were expected to produce a product about the subjects with theoretical knowledge and limited materials. Then they were asked to test the product they were working on and to explain it in the group. They were asked to make corrections with the test results and feedback they received.

All students at the school participated in the STEM event. It was quite a colourful day for the school, the provincial national education director and the provincial governor visited the school to see the event. In this way, we believe that the STEM Discovery Week has raised awareness about STEM to all stakeholders (teachers, parents, administrators and students).

You can get information about our events and our culture by following sources and links below.

Good work to all, stay with STEM


1. Tower: The students were asked to build high towers with spaghetti and play dough.

2. Labyrinth: students were asked to make a labyrinth with an input and an outlet with the help of the box and pipette.

3. Bridge: students were asked to do a suspension bridge with the help of pipette and tape.

4. Balloon Rocket: The students were asked to give a balloon and a pipette, to make a rocket model that could go the furthest on the prepared rope course.

5. Satellite: students were asked to make a satellite model with the help of paper cup, aluminum foil, button, ice cream stick and fund.

6. Egg Cage: With the help of pipette and tape, they were asked to make a cage which would not break when they threw the eggs at a distance.

7. Natural Frame: collecting tree branches accumulated at the seaside and asked to make a photo frame with the help of rope and hot silicone.

8. Catapult: We were asked to make a catapult with the help of ice cream bar, plastic tire, water bottle cap and hot silicone gun.

9. Three-dimensional models: Styrofoam and trash skewers were asked to make various three-dimensional models.

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