Asteroid Designers and Hunters

Firstly, we learned what is an asteroid, meteor, meteorites, comets and different properties. After that, we wanted to learn how LTImage is working which we will try to use to hunt asteroids. Then, we used a Scientix resource “CREATING ASTEROIDS” at the beginning and after downloading the LTI software, we read about it and shared students paper.

We already hunted asteroids via different software. My pupils are interested in asteroid research and want to learn more about them.

We used; “CREATING ASTEROIDS” ( and HUNTING FOR ASTEROIDS  ( from Scientix Resources.

I also worked on asteroid research and we hunted asteroids. The students loved to learn more about asteroids and Near Earth Object. This year is important for astronomy.

I used mixed skills from science and ICT field. This combination is an important mix of skill acquisition. It is important to integrate technology into existing pedagogical approaches and try it out.

One of the most important skills in providing 21st-century skills to students is science and technology literacy. Integrating these two and using space for it increases the sense of curiosity in students.

Note: We implemented this activity on 25.04.2019.

You can find more information and photo gallery from here; ��

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