Plastic Ocean

Communicating a socio-scientific issue through drama.

A group of 12 year old students volunteered to join a Sci-Drama club. The aim is to communicate a socio-scientific issue through drama.

Being from a small island, students selected the Plastic Ocean problem as our socio-scientific issue.

Our next task was to research the issue, find out lots of facts and gain knowledge. Students had to be critical of the texts or videos they were using to gather information. In the meantime students also participated in drama lessons where they improved their collaboration and communication skills.

The next step is planning the story. Students came up with a time travelling concept. The play kicks off with 2 fishermen arguing about single-use plastics when they are suddenly hit by a storm…which takes them to the past exposing the origins of plastic as well as its benefits. They are later transported to the future where they see a completely plastic-inundated sea with no fish! This triggers the fishermen to consider how significant their role in the plastic ocean problem is. They return to the present to share the simple tips and tricks which should be followed by ALL of us to ensure we do not make the problem worse.

We are currently rehearsing the play and building props! A blog with the finished product will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

I have used the PERFORM toolkit found on the SCIENTIX Repository to support my work.