Telling my simple experience during the SDW 2019

Hello. My name is Adriana Laze, Math teacher for about 26 years, a Scientix and eTwinning Ambassador. I live and work in Tirane, Albania.

Last years, being present and active in European projects such as Scientix and eTwinning, had been one of the biggest pleasures of my life.

I had the idea to write on this blog to give my simple experience and to say that if a teacher wants to work with his students, there is no obstacle for him/her and the students.

Our school Shaban Sheshori is located in a rural area on the top of a hill, very close to an old Castle named “Preza Castle“. Preza is a place with a very old history, cultural heritage, education and trade. Our school was very old and so during this school year we had difficulties to use the computers because of the reconstruction of the school. But this wasn’t a reason that we couldn’t join the STEM Discovery Week 2019.

Last year my students enjoyed and learned so much during the SDW 2018. So, it was a big pleasure for them to participate again in SDW 2019.

During this year my students participated in Code Week. After that they created different figures on pixel art for the other students, younger than them.

During the SID 2019 they participated by giving their message, regarding their personal experience. Again, after SID 2019, one of them, Isaura had another idea, creating puzzles. So, the others joined her and created different puzzles with their messages for the security on the internet. They thought to create these puzzles for the younger students at the fourth grade, which this year had started to learn first lessons in TIC. So, they created and went to the primary school, gave their puzzles as a present and stayed with them to create the puzzle. It was a special activity for them. But it also was special for us because between the students of the fourth grade was a child with special needs. He enjoyed the activity so much that, at the end, after he created the puzzle and read the message, he gave a hug to the girls that stayed near him and also a kiss to me.

Maybe this activity is very simple to be considered a STEM activity. Actually, with the students of sixth grade I had another activity. They created puzzle by using

But not at school, at home, on their computer, laptop, tablet or their parent’s phone. After creating the puzzles, they sent me the result by using email or other social media.

But I chose the first activity, with the students of 7-th grade for SDW 2019, because I found it more valuable. So, my students got inspired by creating the puzzle, they thought in a critical way, but not only that. They made the younger students to think in a critical way and learn a new rule regarding their security on the internet. Also, this activity made my students be social and respectful to everyone they meet, normal persons or persons with disabilities. Before preparing them as scientists we have to prepare to be good citizens.

This is the link of the video that includes all their activity

Often, I say: ” Being a teacher at 21-st century is not a challenge, but a Multiple challenge “.

After we finished this activity I moved to another school, but I will not forget their sadness and tears when they learned that I was leaving them. Despite everything I am sure that SDW 2018 and SDW 2019 had a big role in our relationship.

Thank you Scientix for giving this possibility to my students in a rural area, on simple conditions, to join a European Campaign.

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About Adriana Laze

I am a Math teacher and a Scientix Ambassador for my country, Albania. It is a pleasure , but not only being a Scientix Ambassador , because I consider a responsibility it. So I have opened on Facebook the Scientix Albania page , and always share Scientix materials and notifications for other Albanian teachers.