Astronaut’s life

By science teachers: Catalina Stanca and Mihaela Ciapa

Our event consists of two distinct activities: an experimental project and a contest designed for middle school students. 

The first part is focus on analyzing the astronaut’s life from the International Space Station. We observe five usual day by day activities in microgravity, trying to realize experiments that explain the methods used by astronauts. This part of the event is design by high school students who made videos, trying to answer to the following questions:

  • “How do astronauts weight themselves?”
  • “How astronauts workout in space?”
  • “Is capillarity effect in space?”
  • “Is Greenhouse effect in space?”
  • “The sound in a vacuum” or “Which are the sounds of the planets?” 

These videos were presented to students in eight and ninth grades.

The second part is a contest design for middle age students. There were ten schools involved. Each school has two teams (one formed by fifth and sixth-grade pupils and the other formed by seventh and eighth-grade students). The contest is based on designing a device on a specific theme set by the organizers. Each received the same set of materials. The workloads were chosen considering the characteristics of the age groups. The first group had to design a “tower to the Moon” able to support an egg on top for three minutes and the second had to design a “Catapult and a receiver system” capable of throwing at long distance.

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  1. Hi! I want to participate in a project Stem Discovery week-Astronaut’s life with my students. They are 9 years old. I m interested. Thank you!

    • Dear Cornelia, thanks for your interest in the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign! We encourage you to check our website, find the competitions we prepared this year and submit your STEM activities to be eligible to win great prizes:

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