Earth Day with Lego – Take Care of our Planet

With the help of Lego educational kits, we make more interesting form of our story about the use of renewable energy sources and the preservation of the Earth by recycling. By inter-subject correlation, learning will be more interesting

In our class of first grade ,,Dragan Luksic” Primary School in Belgrade, we celebrated STEM Discovery Week 2019 on April 24 during project class with the story of keeping our planet by not polluting and recycling certain materials and by using renewable energy sources. Each group presented one energy source. So we are talking about the energy of water, sun, wind and earth…

We met one Lego settlement, which owns a water treatment plant and solar power supply, and decided to add another windmill to the hill, which would also produce electricity.

We realized that the settlement should have a recycling service, so one group is made a recycling truck, and second group decided to add an interesting flower in the garden to which the bee flew, because “without bees and flowers, there would be no world.”