See the Earth with AR

Every year, last week of April is the STEM Discovery Week in April, and within it celebrating Planet Earth Day. As a result of this on science class on 23th of April, we looked at the BBC films about the planet Earth and renewed little knowledge of what we know about our planet and drew attention to the need to keep the planet safe by not polluting and saving its resources . We saw upsetting images of animals that died due to the presence of plastic and plastic bags

Then we got to know a little bit about the map of our planet and see which parts are green, yellow, blue, white, and what these colours mean. Based on the knowledge acquired, the children coloured the prepared colouring book and when it was painted, each group could see its map as planet Earth using the Quiver application (3D Augmented Reality coloring apps). They could “turn a circle around the planet” and see what part of the country it is on and where the night is. The children were thrilled to learn something new, but also because they wanted to explore by changing the different options on the application.

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My name is Tanja Olear Gojic. I am teacher in primary school, Scientix ambassador, MIE expert and coordinator of Mensa Serbia for children called UcenIQ. I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.