STEM Jobs of the Future

In our changing and fast-moving world it is crucially important to help students choose their future career which will be really in demand and which will ensure their self-realization in the future.

It’s necessary to help them develop skills which the future employers will be looking for. And we should start from schools, we should open schools to STEM careers. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it is a pretty new idea and we do not have specialists, like Career Advisors, who could help students make their choice and assess their own skills and abilities properly. I believe we should start with teachers, we should make them aware of the ways they can integrate STEM career awareness into their subject. So I decided to carry out a special workshop – demonstrative lesson for teachers of English from the regional schools in order to show them how we can speak about STEM careers at English lessons. The workshop was attended by 30 teachers and 10 students.

I used a temporary free account on NEARPOD and created a presentation for students on STEM careers needed in the future. I try to use a lot of technology in my classroom so first we had a short warm-up activity on revising Jobs vocabulary by using a pre-recorded riddles on Flipgrid. After that, using the Survey function on Nearpod the students asked the teachers about their vision of future jobs and we discussed the results.

After the discussion I offered them some ideas about the future STEM careers and we spoke about which school subjects are needed for these careers and what skills they should develop.

Then the students and the teachers watched a short video about the top 10 jobs of the future and made the matching activity on NEARPOD.

At the end of the workshop, the students worked in groups. They had to look through the online glossary and other websites with STEM careers, choose one for the group and complete the form and present this job with instant pictures on Seesaw platform.

Have a look at some pictures from the workshop