Building a rover for the Moon mission

Author: Ferhat Ayranci

In our astronomy club, students designed their 3D rover which will fit best on the Moon’s surface and help scientists discover the Moon.

They constructed the Moon surface

As a part of 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, my students challenged themselves with a very tough mission; designing the best rover for the Moon’s surface. They constructed Moon surfaces by looking at the pictures of the Moon and changed the design of their rover accordingly.

Changing the design many times
Working on the surface model

After 2 periods of trials and failures, they came up with a final rover prototype and tested their design on their surface model.

It is time to test the models..

In STEM education, we strongly believe that all failures are road to
success. Students just need to continue trying. Now, the students have a sense of success, even after they failed many times. Isn’t that what we are looking for?