Sustainable STEM with Twin Science

Author: Celebi KALKAN

We decided to participate in the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign during the “Science and Technology week” celebrated in Turkey in March 8 – 14.

We used TWIN SCIENCE materials in our effectiveness because it was the theme of “Innovative Trends in Education” and it contains very creative STEM materials for preschool and primary school students. The name of our project was “TWIN Science Sustainable STEM” in the 21st century, as STEM education aims to develop and deliver innovative solutions to global issues that are directly related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

STEM knowledge comprises facts, ideas, concepts, principles and theories in STEM disciplines; science concepts and mathematical theorems are examples of STEM knowledge. Students acquire STEM knowledge through investigative activities in the classroom or outside the classroom.

STEM skills relate to acquiring the competencies or abilities to explore, investigate and solve problems, and to design and produce products. The products can be in the form of an idea, a solution or an object. STEM skills include science process skills, science manipulative skills, computational thinking skills, mathematical process skills, engineering design thinking skills, ICT skills and other specific technical skills. Technical skills, which can have many similarities, include psychomotor skills, skills in managing and handling materials and equipment, and skills involved in ensuring safety.

STEM values and ethics consist of the ethics, guidelines, scientific attitudes and moral values that STEM students and practitioners uphold. Inculcating STEM values and ethics is important for producing students who are both knowledgable and competent students as well as possessed of high moral values and ethics. Examples of STEM values and ethics are rational thinking, objectivity, precision, risk-taking, persistence, commitment, and adherence to laboratory rules and safety measures. .

How the activities were held?

On the first day, we introduced global problems related to Sustainable Development Goals with the “Future of the World” box game with our students.

On the second day, we matched their achievements and sustainable development goals with our ‘Safe Life’ unit. They chose the design of sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and conservation of ecosystems (SDG 14, 15).

On the third day, “21. We gave coding training to our students as the coding skill called “century skill” is seen as part of logical reasoning.

On the fourth day, “TWIN Science Inventor Set” products were introduced to our students. They brainstormed how they could use these materials to solve the problems they described. They formed their protatips with the engineering design process.

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  1. We are appreciate Mr.Celebi Kalkan and We like his education method. My son “Kagan Soytaş” his student. Thank you…

  2. Congratulations, using TWIN Science kit for teaching SDG’s is a very good idea.

    • I loved you enthusiasm, congratulations… Teaching SDGs by using robotics and coding tools is a very inspiring way 🐬🐬🐬

  3. Congratulations. I appreciate for your all efforts and passion. I feel very hopeful and happy when I see these kind of works. Thanks for doing this !

  4. I as Zeynep Yıldız’s mother, We thanks to Mr. Celebi Kalkan and everyone who contributed. We are happy to be in the project.

  5. We feel so great and grateful to work with a role model teacher like you. I hope your efforts will spread not only in Turkey but beyond to the whole areas in the world which need to be supported with STEM education.

  6. Congratulations ! Your students are very lucky to have a teacher like you.

  7. Good job 🙂 Curious minds will change the world. Waiting for next projects !

  8. That’s a really good working. Your students are very lucky. Congratulations!

  9. Time is changing. It is very difficult to train students who think and question with old methods, so your studies are really meaningful and valuable. Congratulations, teacher. ”

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