Plastics in daily life: Today and Tomorrow

Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Subjects: technology and general sciences.

Audience age: 15 years old.

Location: Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón (Spain)


This is a learning scenario about plastics, focused to real life. Students were aware of the amount of plastics they used, where plastics come from and their characteristics. Furthermore, keeping in mind the consequences that plastics have in our future life, they raised their responsability to the enviroment, not only by recycling plastics but also reducing them (the 3R’ s rule).

Finally, they reseached on bioplastics and they made bioplastic in lab from milk!

How to implement it:

The learning scenario is based on worksheets created by the teacher. All the material used can be found here.

To create the material I was inspired by several resources, such as this one included in the BLOOM School Box: Growing plastic & new life for plastic.


I encourge teachers to discover the blog where leaning scenario’s description and material is included and use it in their lessons. It is an important topic and, from my experience, students learn and have fun at the same time.