STEM Mixer!

Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón (Spain)



In this eBook lots of resources from different sites, including Scientix repository, are included.

Cover of the eBook ‘STEM Mixer’

When my headmaster proposed me to teach bilingual technology in 3rd year of ESO (15 years old), I was wondering … how to make this subject something attractive and useful for students following the established curriculum?

At first it seemed impossible mission but soon I put myself in the position of student and I asked myself what they are asking: “teacher, what is this for?”

And what I came up with…was what I tell you in the book!

Venn diagram

Based on innovation, new methodologies, cooperative learning, taking care of the importance of attention diversity students and keeping in mind the bilingual education rules (CLIL), I started to design a subject which includes: cooperative learning, teaching for understanding (thinking routines, mental maps, visible thinking …), authentic evaluation (rubrics, targets, …), gamification (escape room, …), Project-Based Learning (PBL), virtual reality, flipped classroom, learning landscapes, metacognition, interdisciplinarity activities, workshops, student portfolio…where the teacher has to carefully prepare clear material for students to develop the different tasks almost by themselves because in this case the teacher is the guide.

All projects, learning scapes, activities, etc. are in this Pearltrees site.

Pearltrees database

I encourage teachers to have a look and try to use those that best fit them.