Irrigation system with STEM

Author: Nihan Çinar

On the first day, I read to my students a story called “The Flower of the Sea” that I wrote. I said that Deniz will go on vacation with her family and that her flower will be left alone at home.

I asked them to think about how to water the flower on its own. I gave them the opportunity to read the story on their own as well.

On the second day, we watched informative videos about irrigation systems. At this stage, I directed them and led to the emergence of different ideas.

On the third day, I wanted the ideas that emerged to be drawn. I asked if it is possible to implement drafts, if there are errors, how to solve them.

After the drawings, I asked them to switch to product design and creation. At this stage, I encouraged students to expand the concepts they learned and the skills they gained or apply them to new situations in their daily lives, and reminded the students of different explanations and definitions. Students are using their previous knowledge, they applied their definitions and skills to new but similar situations and recorded their observations.

At the evaluation stage, I evaluated the performance, skills, concepts and practices of the students until this time. I have evaluated the processes of students performing educational activities in all dimensions. Although there is evaluation at all stages, at this stage, what students learn is evaluated more formally. Students are also motivated about the concepts and queries they create. The student is evaluated individually.

See the activity process captured in this video.

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  1. Interesting experiments and suitable for student’s age. Congrats!

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