Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Resources: https://sites.google.com/view/techcodemadrawing/

Audience: 3º ESO (14-15 years old students)

Subject: technology

Unit: drawing

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We are working together to curb the spread of COVID-19 without curbing learning!

Due to COVID-19, on 13th March classrooms were closed…But learning didn’t stop! This is a learning scenario in which I describe how the unit of drawing is being taught using the online methodology.

All description, material and resources used are included in the blog.

The methodology is based on worksheets. I prepare a worksheet for each day where I carefully describe the content we are going to study and how we are going to work on it.

Example of worksheet

I try to change and use a variety of resources and ways to do an activity. Also, it means that I use different methods to evaluate the works they have to do.

Following instructions in the worksheet, they perform an activity by establishing relations by themselves, researching on the internet or with a help of the hints given by me that are included in the different resources created.

Flippity activity screentshot

Some resources used are:







Last year students working in class with the Calliper (this time…at home!)