Let’s create a board game!

Author: Aleksej Perzu

During this school year our school with partners from aboard have joined together the eTwinning project “Welcome on Board”. During this project students have created a lot of different educational board games that can be used during lessons. The end of the project have been planned for STEM Discovery Campaign period to honor integration of different subjects.

In Vilnius Alexandr Pushkin Gymnasium students have worked hardly for several months to prepare their educational board games for biology subject. During last week of February (from 24th to 28th) students have presented their games for classmates. We planned to organize the conference during Science week in March to present these awesome games for school community but COVID-19 pandemia have changed our plans. The final results of the work are presented in project eBook in school webpage and in projects’ TwinSpace.

We wanted to share with STEM Discovery Campaign community our results. You can read more about our school games in Vilnius Alexandr Pushkin Gymnasium. And, of course, do not miss awesome games made by our partners and friends from Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia.

This project proved that games are not only fun, but it is great way to study and learn!