Teachers are learning STEM

Author: Derya Ozturk

We understand the importance of STEM education very well in the developing technology age.

For this reason, we try to learn with STEM teachers who are interested in expanding STEM education. We meet with teachers at specific time intervals and organize trainings on how to implement a gain-oriented STEM activity in a classroom setting.

This event was held this semester on 12 March. We completed this practice with about 25 teachers. While organizing these trainings, we preferred to work with volunteer teachers that were curious about STEM education. With some case scenarios prepared, they had the opportunity to know how students gain their ability to solve problem situations integrated in classroom settings.

“Catapult” activity was held with these teachers. For another activity they designed a mechanism to convert electrical energy into motion energy.

A problem-based script paper was distributed to teachers for “Catapult” activity. This problem situation was evaluated individually and then in a group. They were asked to think like a student. Teachers were also asked to combine their existing science and math knowledge with their design skills. As a result, many original designs were created. Later, each group presented its design to other groups. Then a small competition was organized to select the best design.

With these trainings, our teachers have gained detailed information about STEM applications. We are aware of the importance of these trainings in the transfer of century skills to students.

We will continue to apply both in our classroom settings and to assist eager teachers in this regard, in order to expand STEM education and to understand its importance.

3 thoughts on “Teachers are learning STEM

  1. In this event, the children discovered the power of the air. This event was held to increase the awareness of the children in their lives. The car that went with the power of the air was made.

  2. The children learned that the air created a force. With them, the car that went with the air power as a steam activity was built. They had a lot of fun.

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