Fairy Garden

Author: Judit Fuko

About the project

The STEM activities are parts of a bigger project. Our fairy garden project started in June 2019. This is an international project that we founded, joined by 70 educators from 22 countries, ranging from Tunisia to the UK, and fantastic work has been done on the project.

It is impressive that, although schools have been closed in almost all countries, after the application of digital education, the partners continue to work steadily with their partners in other countries in difficulty.

7 – 10 years old students create a fairy garden. The children get acquainted with fairy tales and present their folk tales to partners in other countries. They compare them. Each class creates a real fairy garden in their classroom, who didn’t have the opportunity, in their home. We organize a virtual treasure hunt on the Internet. Each school takes photos of the completed mini-garden, then combine them to finally create a common book of our “Magical Fairy Garden”.

Fairy tales around the world

From February till the end of April we have reached the stage of the project when we have already become acquainted with the tales of other nations. During February, each partner selected a tale, illustrated it and made a joint book.


In March we arrived to the stage of STEM activities. We got acquainted with the life and needs of plants. We planted plants and then designed our fairy garden and our students prepared them in groups. Some of my students made their mini gardens at home after we switched to learning in digital environment.

fairy garden work
Our fairy gardens
Fairy gardens made in group work
Oliver's home made fairy garden
Oliver’s home made garden

Treasure hunt in a new situation

From March 16, 2020, education in our institution is organized in a digital environment. As part of this, we continued our project. We used WebEx for online conferences. We planned to make a treasure hunt in our school with QR codes but we were not able to do it anymore.

Using an application called Thinglink, students took part in a treasure hunt in the virtual fairy garden. They started with the red heart and once we solved the task a QR code lead to the next station. Because of online learning the children have already done this at home as part of a virtual classroom.

You can find the game here.

As a result of the project we have a book about the collected gardens made by project partners.

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  1. Fantastic work. As partners we are enjoying every segment of this project. Congratulations to founders.

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