Supporting STEM teacher’s in Azerbaijan: virtual classroom tips

Author: Aliya Ahmadova

As many countries close schools and some of them have turned into online teaching, our “STEM in Azerbaijan” project team would like to support the teachers handling remote teaching activities. We are providing useful tips on how to work online and sharing with a list of online tools facilitating the switch from the actual classroom to the virtual environment.

  • In a period of social isolation, cultivating the collaboration skill via digital learning environment can be challenging. It is clear that it is difficult to turn an idea into an innovation without collobration. This support video answers the question: “why it is important to perform STEM activities and build collaborative skills in a time of limited opportunities and social isolation?”.
Video is about how to manage STEM activites in virtual classrooms whith different online tools
  • It is important in STEM activities that students plan from Arduino circuits in the development of different prototypes, and that small groups work on the same small project. But how to do it in a virtual classroom without accessories? This support video that we have prepared for our students and teachers explains the online tool for Ardunio simulations which they can easily be used during virtual lessons.
The video explains the use of Arduino devices in a virtual classroom by students through communication and collaboration using an online simulator.
  • During the period of social isolation, I created another support video which includes instructions for STEM teachers and students on how to use the MS TEAMS platform to manage a virtual classroom and virtual lessons.
Video explain how to creat and manage virtual classroom and lessons using MS Teams

As a project “STEM in Azerbaijan” supporting the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, we will continue to support teachers of our country regarding the implementation of STEM activities and virtual activities. We are sharing all of our STEM activites organised during #SDC20 in our project’s Facebook page.