Robot Quiz ‘Little Seekers’

Author: Georgia Lascaris

This STEM activity is one of the many STEM activities of the European eTwinning project “Little Seekers”. This project involved schools from Greece, Poland, Romania, and Turkey.

The 4o Primary School of  Pefkis (Athens, Greece) has been part of this project with students of the 4th Grade (9 to 10 years old). The project started in September 2019 and all activities were completed in March 2020. Our school has received a Lego Wedo2 set from the eTwinning NSS to take part in eTwinning STEM actions.

The project aimed to involve the students in STEM activities through collaborative, experiential, and problem-solving actions. Through those activities, they were able to gain digital competencies in line with the DigComp 2.1.Framework for Citizens. These also include information management, communication, content creation, digital safety, and problem-solving.

LegoWedo robots

Students created digital content, built and programmed robots, designed and printed 3D objects, created electrical circuits and learned how to use the Internet with safety.

One of their most creative activity was to build a robot with Lego Wedo2 parts and make it respond to a Scratch3.0 Quiz Game. The robot had to move forward if the answer was correct and backward if not. Students worked in groups, creating robots, programming in Scratch3.0, and trying the best suitable solution to put those two activities together.

The quiz’s questions were based on a collaborative activity with partner’s schools (Greece, Poland, Romania) during the Safer Internet Day actions. Students used the Scratch3 programming platform. They tried two models of robots and came to choose the one which worked best.

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  1. what a nice activity Georgia! eTwinning and STEM make a good combination!

  2. Great work Georgia! You and your little seekers are doing amazing things!

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