Aquelando at home

Author: Patricia Barciela

Date: 13 March 2020 to 30 April 2020

Aquelando at home” comes every day to Galician homes presenting experiments, challenges, activities and much more, all recorded and sent to the program by children, teachers, scientists and science communicators from all over Galicia on a voluntary basis.

Through a call made by the teachers and science communicators through social networks, public participation has exceeded initial expectations and has created an unexpected and genuine science education project.

Educational and collaborative science TV block broadcasted by TVG2, the regional television channel, as support to Galician students while schools remain closed.

Before the pandemic, “Aquelando” was a popular science television program for the audience of all ages. Each episode turns around a thematic axis, which vertebrates a set of sections with complementary content among them that lead us to a great final experiment that serves as a scientific background for the program.

In all the episodes you can find experiments to do at home, a maker section, you discover myths about the history of science and you take part in citizen science projects.

Because of the coronavirus times, Galician television is broadcasting “Aquelando at home”. While schools are closed due to the restrictions aiming to fight coronavirus, from Monday to Friday, the TVG2 channel broadcasts this scientific show. In this way, “Aquelando at home” becomes a science popularization and promotion program. “Aquelando at home” was created for the current circumstances of the lockdown. The aim is that kids learn in an entertaining way, with explanations, experiments and tricks where concepts and ideas of all the subjects can be found. “Aquelando at home” is produced by Mirabelle Audiovisual Communication and has a team of science education experts to develop the scientific topics.