Designing a spacesuit for the Moon mission

Author: Ferhat Ayranci

Our mission to the Moon continues in our astronomy club, which we have been conducting online during these weeks. As the second part of our ‘The Moon Mission’ project, our future astronauts designed their spacesuits.

During this second phase of our project, we implemented the ‘Let’s Design a Spacesuit’ lesson plan from Space Awareness website. This spacesuit part of our project took 3 weeks to be completed. You can find the lesson plan here.

The plan helped us so well through an inquiry-based lesson flow. In the first 2 weeks, students answered the questions and followed a route towards designing their spacesuits. They first made research and discussed the conditions in space and on the Moon which then led them to drawing a blueprint of their spacesuits.

This part of the lesson helps students revise their data to be able to start their designs

Students presented their work during the third week of the designing phase. They drew their spacesuit design as a homework assignment and presented during our online class.

One of the designs presented during the third week online class

The discussion and feedback period was amazing. Students were very much engaged and constructive yet critical while giving feedbacks. This constructive feedback will help the students to improve their spacesuit designs.

An online project class can be carried out efficiently only with motivated students. Hence, it is important to find out innovative but simple ways to carry out activities. This project was a success in terms of participation, exchanging ideas through discussion and designing an artefact.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We will continue our ‘The Moon Mission’ project with a spaceship, that is why we started watching videos and making researches about ISS. Who knows one day these students will be the ones who will complete a moon mission?

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  1. Hello, dear colleague. I am Michaela Balint the first author of the Let’s design a spacesuit (space-awareness). Thank you for the carrying out this activity. It was a real pleasure for me to see an online version of it. I wish you all the best and Happy Space Teaching!

    • Hi Michaela, it is very nice to meet you here. I like the lesson plan so much. I am planning to use it as a whole STEM challenge in my Science class in next years. Thank you so much for your effort and creativity.
      Stay safe and healthy.

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