Earth Day 2020 – online celebration

Author: Michaela Elena Balint

Happy Kids Kindergarten and Primary School Discovery Kids from Ramnicu Valcea, celebrated Earth Day 2020 online. The primary students shared their thoughts about the world from the perspective of a plant or animal and the kindergarten kids talked about Earth as part of the Solar System.

As English is a second language in communication in our primary school, pupils created material and presented their ideas in English. The beauty and the uniqueness of our planet were wonderfully expressed in the drawings and words of our students. They have demonstrated not only knowledge related to different plants, animals and habitats, but empathy and care for life forms, desire and hope to live in a world free of pollution. The preschool pupils proudly demonstrate their knowledge related to planet Earth and the Solar System.

Here is the link to share and enjoy their amazing work.

120 students and 18 teachers contributed to this project. Parents stood by their children providing the technical support for these activities. The project was carried out between 20 and 26 April 2020.