Author: Ülkü Kale Karaaslan

“Let’s teach and learn STEM” eTwinning project was founded in August 2019 by Ülkü Kale Karaaslan and Ayşe Ünlü.

The aim of the project is to create STEM awareness among preschool teachers and to enable STEM applications from early childhood. Over a hundred female teachers were involved in the “Family Workshop” project where teachers were given STEM training. The teachers who received the training prepared the activity plans according to the 5e learning model in teams and applied them in their classrooms.

The “Family Workshop” (which is part of the project) was planned for the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaigning. On 5 March 2020, it was held simultaneously with 27 provincial 100 schools, 100 teachers, 2020 students and 2020 parents involved. The information on STEM Discovery Campaning has been provided to all participants.

What is STEM to parents? The families designed balloon cars with their children. The cars were tested as a result of the design process. Schools communicated with each other via social networks during the event.

We announced the event on our Facebook group.

The information about the event can also be found in this blog: “Let’s teach and learn STEM”

Here is the video from our event:

Here is the video about our project:

99 thoughts on “FAMILY WORKSHOP

  1. I was among the partners of this project. It was a great pleasure to direct and contribute to the project. With the Stem studies we have done, our children have achieved many achievements. I’m proud

  2. It was a great family involvement, parents had more fun than children. I am very lucky to be involved in this project. Thank you Ülkü Kale Karaaslan

  3. In the preschool period, an excellent study has been carried out on the importance of the system, its applicability, how it can be reflected on the plan and what can be done. It has also contributed to the cooperation and coordination among teachers at a high level.

  4. This project was a perfect training for me and my students. We spent really quality and happy times with this project. Thanks for our project friends because of their works. I hope every teacher teach and work with stem one day, its really perfect teaching technic 👍

  5. We learned to make a preschool stem plan and taught our students.I am proud to take part in this project.We also included families in our events

  6. Our family workshop activity was very effective for children and families

    • The final event of our project was very productive. Awareness of the stem was created with the active participation of the families.

  7. Family Workshop events were held enthusiastically in our classrooms. Thanks to the studies carried out in the Stem project, the families learned about this issue.

    • Our family workshop activity was very effective for children and families.

  8. It was a project full of achievements that I was happy to take part in. The car activity was willing to made by children and parents. The families stated that they were happy to attend. The children experienced the joy of doing activities with their families.

    • It was an great work with a great team. Thanks to everyone who held this education for us.

  9. In our family participation study, we ensured the active participation of families and students. We implemented this activity by making a lively connection with other schools. It was a nice synergy. It was worth seeing the excitement of the students while they implemented their designs. A successful event.

  10. Stem , our clas for family workshop of our project, which we realized with the intense interest and participation of my parents, was very productive and very enjoyable.Thanks..

  11. we had a great stem event. the children, their families and we were very happy. long live stem☺️

  12. The stem family workshop was a fun and beautiful activity for children and families.

  13. It is a great family workshop. I realize that workshop so useful. Thank you and congrat you.

  14. It was a beautiful, fun and educational project.Parents and children attracted.Thank you to our founders.

  15. It was an educational activity that children and their families enjoyed

  16. In our STEM family workshop, we ensured the active participation of parents and students.
    We realized the STEM event with the project partner schools by establishing a live connection. It was a very nice and fun activity.
    Thanks for everything…

  17. It was an exciting event with the participation of the family.We realized our activity by providing a lively connection with the schools that were partners in this event.

  18. It was a study that I practiced with my students. parents enjoyed attending the event.Mother producing together was very exciting for them

  19. We held the family workshop in our classrooms. The event was fun and productive, thanks to the work done in the S.T.E.M.project, families learned this topic.

  20. This study was carried out with the participation of a teacher, student and parents at the same time. The excitement of our students and parents is worth seeing. A very nice and special study.

  21. Our project has been very important in creating STEM awareness on our students and parents. Parents and students actively participated in the Family Workshop. Parents had a lot of fun driving with their children. After the event, we received positive feedback from parents, students and other teachers and parents at school. It was a very nice event, and the live connection with the project partners was very important for cooperation.

  22. The activity of the stem workshop with family participation was very successful.congratulation.

  23. Our project was much more meaningful and productive with family participation. The children had fun with their families.

  24. My parents attended the family workshop. it was a very fun and efficient process. thank you very much.

  25. my students with the project; They learned to collaborate, communicate, design and present. it was an enjoyable project. I am happy to take part in this project.

  26. This project gave me and my students good knowledge and skills. Our family activity was very fun. I am very happy to be in this project.

  27. We created a great working group. all studies taught us what the STEM is for teachers and children. We loved joining the works. There was full cooperation between schools and teachers.

  28. It was a great family workshop. It was a great experience for both parents and children. Thanks ……. and Congratulations

  29. It was a project full of achievements that I was happy to take part in. The car activity was willing to made by children and parents. The families stated that they were happy to attend. The children experienced the joy of doing activities with their families.

  30. It was a very productive study. The students gained STEM skills with their families.

  31. Family workshop is a fun and educational activity for parents and students. Parents and students made an effort to design their cars. Everyone left satisfied when the event was over.

  32. The children enjoyed working together with their families at the event. Our event, where the children gained a lot, was very appreciated by both families and children.

  33. Families and children had fun together. It has been a very useful activity in such a short time. The best part of the event was that they made and moved cars at the same time.

  34. Family workshop was a wonderful activity.All of us enjoyed very much.

  35. It was a great workshop where families grasped the stem philosophy. At the end of the day, both m children and families enjoyed the event. It was truly a successful family participation event.

  36. We invited our families to the class. We organized a car event with them. We created a group of teacher students and parents in our project. It was great.Everybody thank you so much…

  37. It was a project that I am proud to be a Let’s Teach and Learn Stem Partner. I learned a lot of new information about the stem approach. Thank you very much to our founders. My parents also had a lot of fun in the family workshop. They thanked for being involved in an educational process with their children.

  38. Let’s Teach and Learn STEM was a great project,which has contributed a lot to me and my students.A project that I am happy to be in.We made a great final with our family workshop .Parents and student enjoyed making cars with ballonns together.Thank you to all my team members who contributed.

  39. In Let’s Teach And Learn STEM etwinning project, STEM approach with the Family Workshop was introduced to the families and became a successful practice.

  40. It was a study that developed school-family cooperation and our children with ourselves.

  41. Our project was a very nice project that supports the interdisciplinary development of our students and the professional development of teachers. Thank you everyone

  42. I was proud to be in this wonderful project. My students and their families learned the STEM. Thank the founders of our project and my teammates.

    • The families were proud to be in the final of the project.

  43. It was a very nice project. It has contributed a lot to both me and my children and my parents. Our family workshop became legendary. Unforgettable. Many thanks to everyone who contributed

  44. It was a very productive project. Thank you to all the participants. I learned a lot.

  45. I am very happy to take part in this project. Learning journey was very enjoyable with Let’s Teach and Learn Stem Project.

  46. It is a very enjoyable and efficient work for our project.

  47. We have done a very pleasant and efficient work for our project.

  48. Our project team, which has an innovative team spirit combined with collaboration and devoted work, has produced great products. I am proud of being in this team and working together

  49. We offer our project founders to carry out this process perfectly and to offer their democratic approaches in cooperation and willingness to our partners. In an excellent project with an innovative team spirit

  50. I have achieved a lot with this project. With the family workshop, parents were informed about the STEM education approach. The comebacks were great. Both me and my students have implemented the Stem plans with this project. We have done great collaborative work. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  51. The work we did in this project was great. Families were very happy. They learned the concept of stem. He was awesome.

  52. It was a very nice study. Congratulations! Being in this project makes us proud. And, of course, this project further improves the relationship between school and child, as well as between child and parent.

  53. Our families enjoyed having an activity with their children in the classroom. They were very happy to realize the information they learned throughout the project with their families. We had a great stem family workshop.

  54. İt is very useful way to cooperate with families in stem education.. In this project you worked with a very high amount of people.. congratulations to you and your great team..

  55. It was a very nice and enjoyable project. I thank everyone

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