Author: Ülkü Kale Karaaslan

Water’STEM is an eTwinning project. The purpose of our project was to encourage our students to learn about water from a young age and make it a habit to use water economically.

In our project, the attention was drawn to every environment in which we are facing the danger of running out of water resources in the future. Also, to raise awareness about preschool education and to support STEM activities.

The objectives of our project were:

  • To teach students the importance of water in our lives from a young age
  • To provide students with information about water consumption
  • To increase environmental awareness about water consumption
  • To produce solutions to water problems using the STEM approach

The project was co-founded in Turkey and Slovakia. Teachers from schools in Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey were involved in this project as partners from five different countries. From Turkey, the schools from Konya, Istanbul, Ankara, Nigde and Sakarya provinces joined. The project has 15 partner, 9 coming from Turkey and 6 from Europe. In total, 250 students were involved in the project.

Our project partners

  • Ayse Ünlü, Esrefoglu Ilkokulu, Selcuklu/Konya/Turkey
  • Daniela Virágová, Materska skola Vazecka 18, Presov, Presov Slovakya
  • Derya Yücel, 100. Yil Ilkokulu, Sincan/Ankara/Turkey
  • Emine Coskuntürk, Mina Ozdoganci Anaokulu, Serdivan/Sakarya/Turkey
  • Giedrė Bidvė, Siauliu lopselis-darzelis „Zirniukas“, Siauliai/Lithuania
  • Kübra İnag, Zeliha ve Lutfi Kulluk Ilkokulu, Selcuklu/Konya/Turkey
  • Nuray Boztepe, Sehit Halil Akkoc Anaokulu, Bor/Nigde/Turkey
  • Rabia Eroglu, Sehit Halil Akkoc Anaokulu, Bor/Nigde/Turkey
  • Ramona Nădejde, Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit „MAMARUTA”, Cluj – Napoca/ Romania
  • Veronika Macikova, Materska skola, Okruzna, Kapusany Slovakia
  • Yasemin Atılgan, Selcuklu Anaokulu, Selcuklu/Konya/Turkey
  • Yeliz Demirkalem, Mahmut Erseven Ilkokulu, Besiktas/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Zuzana Garajová, ZS s MS Vlkanova, Vlkanova Slovakia
  • Ülkü Kale Karaaslan, Suleyman Celebi Ortaokulu, Selcuklu/Konya/Turkey
  • Атанаска Тачева, CDG “Skola Vapcarov”, Asenovgrad, Asenovgrad Bulgaristan

During the project, our students were involved online as the distance learning started on 13 March due to Covid-19 outbreak. Support was received from parents in this process.

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, water use in the world has increased. Our aim was to raise awareness among students and parents about the decrease in clean water resources due to climate change. We did that with the help of distance education system.

First of all, on World Water Day, families worked with their children to produce a poster about water consumption and each class voted for their own class poster and selected the winners. Class posters were exhibited in a virtual exhibition, using an online tool. On World Water Day, students were asked to make water drop masks with their parents. The question: “What would you like to do if you were a water drop?” was asked and the answers from the students were received. Project partners were informed online by Oğuzhan Samed Özkaraman, one of the Sakarya Water Works, about the water resources and their use.

Students familiar with water resources and their use became Water Detectives at home and warned their families about water use. They drew warning pictures on their sinks and hung them.

The students drew mascots that were used in the story we created together. The top five mascots drew by students were selected by voting. Names for the five mascots were chosen as well. The name of the main character was determined too, after calculating the voting results. Thereupon, a common story was written by the teachers. The created story was read to the students online by the teachers. Students were given a problem statement in the story: “What can we do to extract water from water sources not purified by electricity?” “What must be done while washing our hands that less water would be consumed? They were asked to find solutions for given problems. They designed their solutions with their families in their homes. They made videos and shared them with other project partners.

14 thoughts on “Water’STEM

  1. It is a great project that provides awareness of water consumption in children. I was proud to be her partner. Great team and great events

  2. As it is a project that includes today’s problems, it has attracted great interest from families. Children looking for various solutions to the problems did not leave the project with distance education. The continuous active participation of children in the project has made it easier to achieve our goals.

  3. This is an amazing subject.. Thank you for the detailed information about your project.. congratulations ..

  4. Our students were excited about the activities in the project. They realized the importance of water in life. They gained new information about water consumption and the need for protection and conservation of water in the world. They raised environmental awareness and solved the problems. They researched and experimented with water. They made photos and videos. Families co-operated on activities in the onilane area. It was an amazing experience for students and teachers alike. We thank you.

  5. With our stem discovery campaing activity, awareness was raised for both students and parents.

  6. It is a project that I enjoy applying very much. Also, the children have achieved good achievements about water and applied the works with pleasure.

  7. I and my students loved to work in this project. Water is so important for the world. Water is life. How many day do you live without water ? We learned lots of things in this project. Don’t waste water please, there is no planet B and scientists have not discovered water on another planet yet. There is no life without water…

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