Distance learning, discover the plants at home … having fun

Author: Costantina Cossu

Is it possible to learn and having fun even if we are far from each other? Yes, it can be done and you can discover other living creatures that live with you in isolation: the indoor plants. Really? Yes, using Kahoot! and Quizlet.

These are the 2 free platforms, based on gamification approach, specialized to create questionnaires, tests, quizzes and verifications in a simple and funny way. These can also be offered to students online, using videoconferencing tools. Designed for any mobile device, they are valid support in this moment of isolation and schools closure. Quizzes using Kahoot! and flashcards using Quizlet can be created by everyone, for any topic and regardless the age of a student. They are suitable for most devices. You get a smartphone and you’re ready! These 2 platforms attract and amuse students who actively participate in a collaborative working corresponding to the new world of work.

See our flashcards made using Quizlet here!

In this way, the class, even if it is far away, becomes a Flipped Classroom. We can develop new topics and learn new concepts such as tutorial before exams, organize challenges with other classes all over the world, collect opinions through surveys, collect ideas, facilitate discussion, or even just have a fun activity in the classroom that breaks the routine and involves everyone.

The 2 platforms have been designed for social learning, with students gathering around a teacher’s screen (real or shared one).

During the Kahoot Gameplay, fast-paced music gives even more charge to the participants and we move on to the next question only when everyone has answered and identified the correct answer. At the end of the quiz, a pupil is able to give his/her feedback if he liked the quiz and learned something new. Quizlet also allows integration of students with learning disabilities because the text can be read automatically in many languages, you learn, play, win and lose.

You can start! Here is the link of two works on indoor plants. Start a virtual walk in the greenery of your home!

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12 thoughts on “Distance learning, discover the plants at home … having fun

  1. Very funny and useful activities that I will use to teach . It was a good idea to be’ related to our environment during the lockdown .

  2. Very funny and useful activities Iwill use and that had been very useful during lockdown to keep students and teachers related to our environment .

  3. Great job Tina! Very interesting activities! I would like to be an amazing teacher like you in few years!

  4. Well done Tina, quarantine could be an opportunity for students to look around more carefully even at something that they usually ignore completely like, fro instance, the plants they have at home! It’s a very effective approach that I already have experienced . For more interested students I’ve used this additional resource https://eol.org/

  5. Knowing what is around you is the first step for loving it. I love plants and I think that making students know them in a funny way and love them is a wonderful gift.

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