If you think that digital innovation can not be female then… meet the Sardinian EFT

Author: Costantina Cossu

We are a group of 4 women, who are part of a 120 Italian teachers group, selected for their skills and innovation capacity. We are skilled tireless warriors, prepared to solve digital-related problems. We are the Territorial Training Team in Sardinia, Italy. We are also part of a regional Coronavirus Emergency Task Force aimed to help schools, teachers and families with distance learning.

We have set up a Helpdesk to support and help teachers. Our tools are videoconferencing tools, smartphones and computers. As territorial training team, we coped with the coronavirus emergency, creating a virtual sharing place for online teaching, a website with many ideas and tutorials and a playlist on YouTube, and we are now turning to social platforms. No school, no teacher or family is left alone. As territorial training team of Sardinia, we are in charge of dealing with the dissemination of the Italian National Digital School Plan.

Thanks also to our work “On the whole national territory we may observe the flourishing of commendable initiatives under the ministerial aegis, aimed at providing teachers with tools and suggestions to continue their teaching activity even when not in physical contact. For many, it is a new educational experience that sometimes comes up with perplexity, for others, it is an experience that is already consolidated. Online teaching in fact presupposes more than technical knowledge, methodological skills and the will to experiment didactic approaches different from the traditional lesson which often require positive examples as witnessed.

In times of emergency, we are here to help… What do we do?

  • We guarantee the dissemination of actions related to the Digital School Plan.
  • We promote training actions for teaching staff.
  • We promote actions to enhance students’ skills in innovative teaching methodologies.

In this two year position, we devote ourselves full time to the forming of a real task force that can help to launch and carry out digital-related actions. We focus on teacher training, in particular, which is fundamental, and on the design of activities for the enhancement of students’ skills. The four of us have different skills but we all have a very good knowledge of innovative teaching methods and digitization processes of educational institutions. Moreover, we deal with the conception and realization of digital content for teaching, with the design and creation of digital environments for teaching, and with the digital training of teachers and students.

As a territorial training team, we help schools in the development and dissemination of solutions for the creation of digital environments with innovative and sustainable methodologies. We promote methodological-didactic innovation, the development of digital teaching projects related to digital citizenship, digital economy, and media education. We support the design and implementation of laboratory training courses for teachers on teaching and digital innovation. Furthermore, we will document the best practices of Sardinia schools, in the field of innovative teaching methodologies, including e-learning at the times of Coronavirus.

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    Very amazing woman territorial training team from Sardinia. they help schools on innovative and sustainable methodologies.

    • A great team! Really important for the spreading of innovation in normal times, fundamental for giving support to teachers at Coronavirus time.

  2. An amazing team who has dona an amazing work in these hard times!
    Congratulations for the quality and the amount of the materials: Sardinian teachers are lucky to have you at their side!

  3. Innovation is female! What a team! Always helpful and available in giving you smart information

  4. Thank you for your help, support and expertise but also your great enthusiasm!

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