STEM Association and Professions

Author: Umut ŞENCAN

The basis of our eTwinning “STEM Association and Professions” project is STEM education. We organised our project in three different countries. Our project started in September 2019. We are going to finish it in June 2020. We created some very nice STEM activities within this project. We aim to spread information about how to apply STEM in our lessons and how to make a STEM lesson plan. While making STEM lesson plans, we wanted to attract our children’s interest in STEM professions.

One of above-mentioned project’s activities was face-to-face training with our children, conducted in March 2020. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we continued the learning process using the online tools. The beautiful side of our project had emerged during the lockdown.

Our children were given some STEM tasks which they shared with their families and they had a great time. We were very happy that we assigned our children some STEM activities they could perform with their families or on their own. In this way, hey had some STEM practice without teachers. We saw that our STEM project has achieved its goal.

We started to make STEM applications with our 9 to 10-year-old students. We saw that many different products came out. Our children had the opportunity to compare their own products with other products. They saw that the products could be different according to the different characteristics of the cultures and that each group had a different imagination. The products we made commonly were the book of the layers of the Earth. We also wrote poetry and created a game together using a web 2.0 tool.


In March, we introduced our “Sense organs” project to our partner schools. We did it with our students with the help op Zoom and web 2.0 tool.

In April, we created games with our partner schools on creatures with the Cram web 2 tool. You can reach our game here.

At the end of the project, we learned how to handle the course with STEM and how to make lesson plans. They learned about the STEM professions. The most important result for us was that our students showed how they can do STEM activities on their own, even though being far from us.

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  1. Congratulations…
    I am proud of you and teachers like you.You do different and enjoyable ctivities for your students and I know how they are happy… Great job.

  2. Great work! As partners we are enjoying every segment of this project.

  3. I am happy to be a part of this project. It was a nice experience for my students.

  4. It was a lot of fun to take part in the event. our students were very happy.

  5. Very nice applications congratulations for students is very successful.

  6. It is great to try to show that cultures can be different according to different characteristics, and that each group has a different imagination. Congratulations

  7. Very nice applications congratulations for students is very successful.Great work👏👏

  8. Congratulations! The activities are so innovative, interesting and catching! Good luck !

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