STEM is for EVERYONE: Join Us at IBBC

Author: Giuliana Catara

Students’ engagement

Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology for “2020 STEM Discovery Campaign”
Implement these activities for inclusive education in STEM. Watch the video!

This is an easy-to-do gallery of activities to get students involved in STEM.

Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, a member of the National Research Council in Italy, intends to support teachers through activities planned for 1st and 2nd-grade students. The video provides few tips on how to deal with several topics in Biology such as Cell morphology, implementation of the scientific approach through observation of the surrounding environment by the use of a microscope or technological devices (1st-grade students).

Implementation of inclusive education will also point at the design of technical-scientific projects on current issues as well as the organization of a STEM competition for the involvement of 2nd-grade students.

The pictures visible in the video refer to previous meetings of the cycle “School meets research” held at Institute, which relies on the participation of seminars and scientific laboratories through a “hands-on” approach. You can always join us if you want to develop collaborative-projects. Due to Covid-19 crisis, next activities will be organized as ONLINE events from September 2020. YOU are WELCOME!