Author: Irene Papadopetraki
School: 8th Primary School of Kifissia, Athens
Students: 5th Grade

Implementation: 6 February – 6 March 2020


This STEM activity is one of the various activities of the European eTwinning project  “STEM ON BOARD” between Greece, Turkey,  Lithuania and Republic of Moldova. The project started in September 2019. Above all, it aims to introduce students to computational thinking and therefore will teach how to proceed from conceiving a concept to creating the right algorithm and planning the construction

School Safety with STEM

Our HeRobot!

Firstly, in the past month, the students were involved with activities that had to do with School Safety. Moreover, S Team tried to gather information about school safety in their own school. In the meantime, they constructed their own HeRobot that would be the leader in the School Safety project.  

The making of the HeRobot

Step 1:

Moreover, students used an old construction of their school and they transformed it into a new one. Then, they realized that there was no safety in crossing the main road that was used by the students daily.

Tranformation of the old school

Step 2:

Therefore, they decided to use their HeRobot to solve the School Safety issue. Moreover, in the video below, you will see how students and their HeRobot, managed to make a crosswalk for students to go safely to their school.

Safety crosswalk making of

Step 3:

In addition, after having solved their school safety issue, the S Team took part in a competition between all other partners, to vote for the final HeRobot:

6 robots took part in the competition!

Step 4:

So, with the final HeRobot on Board, S Team made their presentation of School safety, which was part of a collaborative presentation of City Safety, among all partners! 

School safety3
Herebelow, you will find the respective School Safety presentation


Step 5:

Finally, in order to investigate whether all students have understood the City Safety, we conducted a Kahoot Quiz, among all students and partners of the project.

kahoot quiz

By engaging students in “School Safety with STEM” activity, students were taught how to solve problems by using critical thinking skills and how to collaborate with others in a team-oriented environment. Last but not least, they were taught how to embrace new technologies in an increasingly tech-centred world.  

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