Author: Gülcan Akyürek

Event Name: Floating garden
Participants: students, parents

The Covid-19 pandemic influenced the whole world. We had to interrupt education in schools. We continued our courses with the help of the Zoom Web 2.0 tool. We designed the activity “I Learn With Stem I Code My Future” with our students for the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign as part of the eTwinning project.

When the outbreak began, people retreated to their homes. So nature started to renew itself. Air quality improved and vegetation revived. With the decrease of pollution, the diversity of living creatures increased in rivers, lakes and seas. This epidemic reminded us that we were consuming natural resources unconsciously. We discussed with the students what kind of awareness we can do on this subject. We asked the students to watch a movie on the natural environment we chose and a brief presentation of the information they obtained through Toontastic.

The students shared their preliminary studies and presentations on the subject in the WhatsApp group. We decided on the design of the product to be created with activity and what kind of materials it will consist of. We designed our product as a floating garden consisting of three-dimensional geometric shapes. This islet, floating in water with some soil, will obtain the necessary water for agricultural production by distillation from the sea.

The students introduced their products online through Zoom platform. The teacher received the students’ opinions about the subject. We determined the positive-negative and developable aspects of the activity. They shared videos and pictures that summarized the process. Class members made a collage using pictures as promotional material.

In this activity, we focused on the basic disciplines of STEM education. We aimed to develop the skills of planning and designing the students. We aimed to change the prejudices of the students to these disciplines by applying mathematics and geometry lessons in a fun activity.

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  1. I am very happy to be in this project. This event was super. Congratulations.

  2. Your project is very successful! I look forward to your new projects 😉

  3. Congratulations, you have made an incredible job. I belive you put a lot of effort in it and it appears to be perfect.

  4. Very cool and beautiful, I wish you the best of luck.😊

  5. Congratulations Gülcan Akyürek has been a good work.
    I wish you continued success.

  6. It is a very creative and well thought project.Especially nowadays while STEM is very effective and important and this study is very related to it.As a participant of this project, I’m very proud of this study. Thanks to this study , I was both enjoyed and got information.Also my daughter,Burce, is enjoyed and learned too. I’m sure it’ll help the others’ being beneficial either. Briefly Thank you so much for everythings.

  7. It has been a very well thought out and a great project for the future of the world, and it is very nice to actively participate in the youth of our future. I would also like to thank you for proving that education and training are not only at school and can be continued in any way

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