Online meeting “STEM: Science, Technology, ENGLISH and Math”

Author: Aleksej Peržu

Due to the current situation of a global health crisis, teachers are faced with new challenges of how to successfully operate and navigate with distance learning.

Video presentation project at Vilnius Alexander Pushkin gymnasium was initiated by English teacher G. Kuzborskaja and biology teacher A. Perzhu, to help students develop their English skills within the framework of biology and IT academic disciplines, as well as to build their confidence beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

The video project was based on the research and collection of material on a chosen topic from Science and Technology academic disciplines and the interpretation of data in the English language. On 22 April 2020, 10th grade students have practised formulating their own hypotheses, exploring and demonstrating their knowledge using a video presentation. At the same time, students have gained their confidence in speaking the English language by expanding their vocabulary and producing complex sentences.