We are aware of STEM: Every aspect of Covid-19

Author: Seyide EROĞLU

In this study, it is aimed to create awareness about “Covid-19” by taking STEM education into consideration. The students were asked to evaluate “Covid-19” with different aspects. These dimensions are listed below.

1. The effects of Covid-19 in the world and in our country,
2. Covid-19 disease progression, symptoms, source (information),
3. Methods of protection from Covid-19,
4. Ways to stay at home / spend time effectively at home,
5. The importance of science in combating the epidemic.
6. Occupations needed in the “Covid-19 process”:

  • Artificial intelligence machine quality control element
  • Robot welding operator
  • information Technology
  • Technical maintenance for electric cars
  • Language speech therapist
  • Solar system technical staff
  • Digital advertising
  • Database management
  • R&D engineer
  • E-commerce professional
  • Cyber security expert
  • Internet television
  • Software support specialist
  • Robot engineering
  • Three-dimensional graphic animator
  • Mobile developer

Together with the students, the above dimensions were examined in detail. Later, students were asked to design a poster describing any of these dimensions. In this process with students, general features of STEM disciplines – viruses (science); statistical calculations (mathematics); creation of posters with web 2 tools (technology); introducing poster design (engineering); were taken into consideration when creating posters.

A virtual exhibition was created with posters created by students.

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I work as a chemistry teacher in a high school. I have completed my master's degree in "organic chemistry" and PhD in "STEM education". My areas of expertise are STEM education and Organic chemistry, and I am also interested in the integration of technology into education. Especially; "Web 2.0 tools, augmented reality, virtual reality, arduino, robotics, coding, e-portfolio" applications. Except those; Outside of school learning environments, flipped classroom applications, interdisciplinary studies, drama, scientific creativity, the nature of science, entrepreneurship, e-learning environments are other areas of interest and work.

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