People have always had the desire to learn more and achieve greater life skills. In the 21st century, it has become easier to gather information and as a result, the information age has arisen with the developing technology. Today’s world expects people to be productive. In order for individuals to be productive, new and different programs need to be applied to encourage people to question, think and create more.

Therefore education system needs to transform accordingly. In the 21st century, the competition in technological development has been accelerated.

In the USA and the member states of the European Union, many programs and projects were started for the reason of creating educational approaches which provide attainment of skills, preparing students for life, putting importance on the necessities and skills of modern business life. The latest program among them is STEM education and its applications. STEM education means integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.

FeTeMM which is the Turkish abbreviation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education helps students enrich their cultural perspectives, gain critical thinking and improve skills such as problem-solving. Students need to adapt to these skills when they enter the business world. STEM education has been brought in because it can meet these necessities and approach problems with a holistic perspective

STEM education aims to help students solve problems with a multidisciplinary perspective and gain knowledge and skills from a holistic perspective. (Şahin, Ayar, & Adıgüzel, 2014). STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach that covers the whole process from kindergarten to higher education.

At Mimar Sinan İmam Hatip Secondary School, we started the Meeting STEM eTwinning project in order to prepare our students for the future and to provide them with 21st Century skills. Seven schools from Turkey and two schools from Europe attended our project.

As the first task of our project, we organized a seminar where we talked about, what is STEM? Why is STEM important? Our seminar took place online due to remote education.

You can visit our project blog to see our activities – https://meetingstem.blogspot.com/