With this study, we aim to raise our students’ awareness about global warming from an early age and to be ecologically literate by having information about renewable energy sources due to the greenhouse gas effect. Individuals who are ecologically literate act in their personal lives with the awareness they have about how life processes function, such as clean energy and responsible production.

With this project, project partner teachers will learn to make an interdisciplinary STEM plan in accordance with the curriculum-integrated (gain-oriented) 5E model.

In the lessons, the project teachers will learn how to plan, design products, and apply STEM plans. With STEM studies, students will gain the skills of collaboration, teamwork, inquiry, research, critical thinking, solving daily life problems and analyzing what we call 21st century skills.

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We worked with 48 teachers and 11 other European countries on our project called Tree of Life Wisdom and STEM. We aimed to help preschool students find solutions to their daily life problems in relation to STEM and use their creativity.


  • to be innovative
  • to gain problem-solving skills
  • to acquire critical thinking competence
  • to do an independent research
  • to acquire inquisitive, curious and creative thinking skills
  • to acquire the ability to cooperate, share information, communicate securely

In our project, we worked with color groups on a problem situation every month by collaborating and planning among complex team groups among teachers.

These groups applied their plans in their classes every month according to the stages of drawing attention, explanation, exploration, deepening, and evaluation in accordance with the 5E plan work plan on a subject appropriate to the interest and age levels of the students. We implemented this plan jointly as the whole project team.


Duration: +40 min.

Date: 1-30  March 2021

Problem situation: Understanding the greenhouse effect and which properties of greenhouse gases cause this effect. To examine the effects of human and natural factors on the climate.

Abstract: Students, together with their parents, prepare a Wind Turbine Propeller that produces electrical energy from renewable energy sources with the help of a small plastic bottle, 1 rubbish skewer, 2 tongue sticks, a small pompom, a cylinder-shaped paper and rope.

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Overview: Students are asked to design a Wind Turbine Propeller with their families.


Students will be able to

• They will recognize renewable energy sources

• They will learn the operation of wind turbines

• They will explain in detail what they should pay attention to for the protection of nature.

• Will understand the purpose of their design in preventing the greenhouse effect.


Rope, pet bottle, skewer, tongue stick, pet bottle, roller paper

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

What is renewable energy, have you ever heard of it before, and what purpose it is used for?

Wind turbine visuals are shown to students so that they can generate ideas more comfortably.

Then the students are told that the wind turbine is a system that converts the kinetic energy in the wind first into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. In short, it is an environmentally friendly energy source that provides electricity generation with wind energy. Wind energy is considered the cleanest and most sustainable energy source. This situation is adopted in our country and new wind power plants are established.

What should be done before installing a wind farm?

First of all, the wind capacity of the region should be measured. The propeller length, blade system and turbine model should be completely adjusted according to the wind pressure. The wind turbine should be positioned in a way that does not affect the ecosystem. Therefore, care should be taken when deciding on its location. For example, establishing a location that will affect the migration routes of birds can seriously damage the ecosystem. As a result, the region to be established should be studied first, and then the design and material needs should be met according to the requirements of the region. When the wind speed is measured and it is determined that it is more than 7 kilometers and has continuity, it can be determined that the region is suitable for establishing a wind farm.

Founded in 1998, the first wind turbines in Turkey began producing electricity with wind energy. Today, there are 171 wind farms across Turkey. A serious flow of energy is provided from these power plants, which are operated by agriculture, industrial organizations, universities, municipalities and private institutions.

In which areas is wind energy used?

Housing and residential use of autonomous energy not common in Turkey. For example, the energy needs for agriculture in certain regions are met by wind turbines. Water pumps, grain milling systems are often powered by energy from wind turbines.

The main effect of wind energy is that it does not show the pollution caused by fossil fuel power plants in electricity generation. Since wind power is directly utilized, fuel is not used and does not cause air pollution like fossil fuel power sources. No emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide, mercury, particulates or greenhouse gases that cause air pollution as in fossil fuels.

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Design and build-preparation

The groups are asked to design the Wind Turbine Propeller by using a garbage skewer, plastic bottle, tongue stick, cylinder paper and some rope, 25 minutes time is given. A hole is made on the lid, bottom and side of the bottle with the help of a knife. Holes are drilled in the midpoints of both of the tongue sticks. The propeller is prepared by passing the garbage bottle crosswise through the holes drilled. The sharp part of the garbage skewer is closed with the help of a pompom to prevent it from sinking into children’s hands. The sticks are fixed to each other with a garbage bottle and silicone. Garbage skewer is pierced and passed through the bottle cap. Then the cylinder paper is passed to the garbage bottle. In order to fix the cylinder paper to the garbage bottle, space is filled with silicone and the silicone is allowed to cure for a while. The thread coming out of the mouth of the bottle is fixed to the cylinder paper with the help of silicone by passing a thread through the hole on the side of the shine. The prepared rubbish is placed in the bottle. With the help of the garbage skewer coming out from the bottom of the bottle, the rope is wrapped around the cylinder paper. The propeller is moved with the help of the piece of rope left on the side of the bottle.

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Design evaluation

Wind Turbine Propeller must be intact and be able to move


Discussions with the groups about the subject and questions are asked.

How the propeller you prepared moved? What is the reason it is fast?


Teamwork rubric was applied.

Our project plan will be implemented first by each teacher in their own classroom with a virtual meeting, and then it will be implemented with other student groups in the project again by virtual meeting.


 Author Project founder: Gülsüm ATİLE Hakkı Tatoğlu Primary School Antalya


 Ayça DEMİR Eskişehir Cemalettin Gökay Kindergarten

 Ayşegül ÖZBAKIR Kepez Martyr Hüseyin Gökhan Eriç Primary School Antalya

 Ahmet Dönmez Bağyaka Şehit Turgut Burkay Korkmaz Primary School

 KIYMET YALÇIN- Piyale Primary School-Bayraklı / İZMİR

 Fazilet İclal KETBOĞA-Özlüce Kindergarten-Nilüfer / BURSA

 Demet Karakaya Dr. Ufuk Ege Kindergarten Ankara

 Nevzat Özdemir / Yazicihüyük Gazi Primary School

 Gülay TONGA Kütahya KÜTSO Primary School

Salih Çalık / Kestel Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School Bursa

 Stanislawa STEPHİEN Kielce Poland Przedszkole Samorzadowe nr 18 w

 Lucica STEFAN  Prezedszkole Samorzadowe nr 18 w Kielce POLAND

 Maria KOTSAPOUIKIDOU Kilkis GRECCE 20  Νηπιαγωγείο Κιλκίς

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    So, the project aimed at raising interest on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy and their benefits to our every day life, therefore we made our own wind turbines and houses and cars with recyclable materials and lego.

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