Intellegence Games With Waste Materials

In the eTwinning project ‘Meeting STEM’, we designed intelligence games from waste materials with our students. Our students have designed games that will enable them to develop by having fun while protecting the environment. They designed and made games such as pentagon, mangala, word game and reversi from used materials such as bottle caps, cardboard and paper.

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Why is recycling important to our environment?

With recycling, we protect both nature and our resources. We can use our natural resources such as water, forest, mines and oil, which are consumed more and more every day, by recycling, for a longer period of time. By recycling recyclable wastes, we can obtain new products without consuming our natural resources. For example, by recycling a ton of paper, 17 trees can be prevented from being cut down. As a result of the recycling of plastic packaging waste, oil savings can be achieved. For every ton of glass transformed, 100 litres of oil is saved. By recycling metal packaging and wooden packaging, we can protect our natural spaces intact.

We save energy

With the recycling method, energy savings are achieved by reducing the number of processes in production. For example, 20 metal cans can be made using the recycling method with the energy that metal can produce by mining. Similarly, the energy required to recycle and regenerate paper and cardboard waste is half that required for normal operations. Likewise, significant energy savings are achieved from the recycling of glass and plastic waste.

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

We contribute to the development of our country

Recycling contributes to the development of our country by reducing the use of natural resources, saving energy, creating job opportunities and reducing the cost of raw materials. In addition, as a result of the decrease in the consumption of raw materials such as petroleum that we depend on, our money remains in the country and foreign exchange inflows are provided to our country by selling our recycled products abroad.

Why is intelligence games important

Intelligence games that enable learning by having fun are games that open the minds of children and enable them to learn new things. Intelligence games that develop children’s abilities and enable them to gain new abilities are very useful games that improve the logic of making quick decisions, thinking about the next step and calculating probability. These games, which also contribute to character development, are entertainments that develop the planned action skills of children and prevent bad habits. With intelligence games, children who increase their knowledge and skills increase their self-confidence and recognize their own limits.

Seeing his shortcomings as well as his abilities, the child explores what he can do to improve his deficiencies and become more capable. Intelligence games that require concentration also contribute positively to their lessons by providing the ability to concentrate children’s attention. It has been observed that children who play intelligence games have the mind of a researcher and are curious. The child, who begins to be in an interrogative attitude, becomes an individual who loves research in order to improve his abilities and creativity.

Brain games, which are played by adults as well as children, are useful games that are both enjoyable and also they improve mental activities. In addition to education, intelligence games, which attract attention with their ability-enhancing features, provide problem-solving and analytical thinking and cause-effect relationship skills.

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