Robotics coding with STEM

Robotics coding is a division of STEM studies. STEM should not be paired with robotic coding. In robotic coding, students learn to prepare flow diagrams and enable logical thinking skills for working robot designs.


Our work was supported by Bilim Kahramanlari Derneği in Turkey. In the study; students, integrated robotic coding in STEM activities.

Students received eigenvalues education. For the Problem situation; the script was transferred. Students conduct research to find solutions to the problem situation. The teacher brings together the expert on the subject with the children. The boys talked to the experts. Students make drawings and animations for the solutions they design. They get together and design the best solution with lego blocks.

The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Students work collaboratively in their studies. They take part in all stages. it is believed that the student takes part in every stage. Students share sections and studies. They make drawings by designing their solutions. This work improves their imagination. Students discuss their drawings and plan a joint design. This work also improves their speaking ability. Students test by experimenting with code designs to move blocks. This boosts improve their engineering skills.

Students receive Scratch training to design their animations. They receive Lego Wedo 2.0 pieces of training to code moving parts

The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

At the end of the event; students presented the project and the designs of the project products to all stakeholders (student families, other teachers in the school, experts involved in the study).


The achievements of our students

1-systematic thinking, problem solving, the ability to see the relationships between events.

2-providing creative thinking.

3-to give them the ability to produce by entertaining them.

STEM is looking for solutions to everyday life problems. Robotic coding activities make students’ designs tangible. Students complete the Engineering Department of STEM with robotic coding.

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  1. it is very nice for students to learn with games. I was inspired thank you …

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