My kite is in the sky


This activity is aimed to present a product by using STEM + A disciplines. For this, an activity including STEM + A disciplines has been chosen. Firstly, students will understand the importance of balance and the structure of materials in science. Secondly, they will grasp geometric shapes and use them to create a product. However, they will apply the joining methods from engineering skills. As a result, they will realize what materials a kite can use to take off. Because the material is very important for a kite to stay in the air for a long time. At the same time, students will understand the importance of balance for taking off your kite. As a result, getting the joining done right the students will realize its importance in the creation of the kite.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Used materials

During the face-to-face training, it was implemented by meeting with our students and teachers of mathematics, science, information technologies, visual arts, technology and design. So we need a list of materials required for the Preparation Course: 3 laths, glass nail, two containers or garbage bags, rope, scissors and tape.

How to make a kite?

We did our event face to face. Because our students come to school.

First, let’s create our geometric shape. Let’s wrap it around with a rope to fix the geometric shape. Let’s cover our shape with a cover. Thus, we will stop the airflow. Let’s pierce the middle of the container. Let’s thread the rope. And let’s connect the scales to the laths to form a triangle. Let’s tie the tail opposite the scale. Let’s tie the rope to the rope of the balance and leave it very high.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)


Mathematics topics such as geometric shapes, angles, ratio proportions are related to this subject.

  • To understand the importance of balance in physics. Because the most important factor for a kite to take off is balance.
  • To calculate the length of the tail for the kite to stay in the air. Because tail length affects the balance.

Students develop skills in math, science, engineering, and technology. They will look at life from a different angle and will be open to innovations. Their interest in STEAM disciplines is increasing. Thus, it can be used easily in problemlere solving.

The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

The importance of interdisciplinary relationship

Manufacturing individuals can easily find solutions to the problems they encounter. They will try to create it again by thinking based on inquiry. They will understand the importance of the material they use. They will be rewarded for their efforts by creating a kite festival. And their self-confidence will increase.

About the author: Türkan ÇETİNER DÜMBÜLÜ,Technology and Design teacher

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