Can you make art with STEM?

Throughout history, artists have used materials in nature as a tool for themselves. We can be inspired by nature in our activities. People discovered nature. It obtained paint from plants in nature hundreds of years ago and used it in many areas. Our high imagination, curiosity and needs encouraged us to make inventions and obtain products.


We organized Nature-Based activities. We asked the students to explore nature and what they could do with the plants they found. As children make their own products, their interest in science and art increases. We created a problem situation for them. We waited for them to produce solutions. The age group of our activity is 4-6 years old and it continued for 2 days. It reached 8 students and 10 teachers in 95 schools in Turkey.


1- Integrating 21st-century skills into lessons
2- To give children a love of nature
3- Developing children’s imagination and creativity
4- Encouraging children to make inventions
5- To reveal the child who has an interest in art
6- To gain STEM skills

The image is owned by the author – (Attribution CC-BY)


Some of you are painters and some of you are clothing designers. You went on a sea journey with your friends. Your ship sailed to the Ocean and something went wrong and your ship broke down. You are now on an island far from the city. You toured the island. There is no technological equipment on the island. There are matches, pots, knives, graters, paper, glue, ropes and clothes on the ship. You want to paint your clothes and draw a picture on paper. Your paints and brushes are not with you. How do you get the brush and paint?

The problem led to exploration. He went on a field trip in nature and collected materials that he could use as a brush. These are chicken feathers, pens, corn tassels. The children discovered through experiments that they could get dyes from vegetables and fruits. There have been great experiences for us


Jar, glue, pot, grater, paper, shaving foam, T-shirt, rope



Students used black carrots, purple cabbage, onions, walnuts, spinach, arugula, orange, liquorice, saffron, turmeric, blackberry, quince, broccoli, tea and coffee brought from their homes. Some of these ingredients are crushed and discoloured. We boil the onion peel and put the paint in the jars. The teacher sprayed shaving foam on the table surface. The children threw paint on it. They closed the paper and let the paint pass onto the paper. Students’ clothes were dyed with madder. dried up and the students wore them.

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)


The next day, the students visited the school garden. They brought the materials they gathered from the garden to the classroom. The teacher asked the students to draw their own brushes on a piece of paper. The children made different brushes with the materials they collected. They drew pictures on papers with brushes. After they finished painting, it was evaluated which brushes were painted better with the children.

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)


Students produced a solution to the problem situation. Students’ self-confidence increased by creating new products with their friends

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
The image is owned by the author – (Attribution CC-BY)


AUTHOR: Project Founder: Sibel Koçyiğit , Konya Ereğli Belediyesi Anaokulu

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