Are you a Good Digital Citizen?

In our changing and developing world, it is not possible to remain indifferent to technology. In this process, the competence we need to have is to be a digital citizen.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the last year, internet usage has entered our lives even more. With the interruption of face-to-face education, synchronous and asynchronous lessons, grocery shopping, museum training, etc have started to take place over the internet. Working hours and overtime concepts that changed with the new norm process are now always digital.

In this process, we, as educators and parents, should highlight the concept of digital citizenship and media literacy and bring this to students. For this, we started an eTwinning project on media literacy and disinformation with the SAMR training model.

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During this process, our students visited the official safe internet use sites and the DQ WORLD game site and watched the information, educational films and cartoons there. They brainstormed how to become a good digital citizen with the Answergarden web 2.0 tool. Later, they gave their social messages with the character “DIGIBOY”

Disinformation is also an important issue and they published virtual news about it with the google tool. They published a correction by making a new report on the false perception that occurred in this news. Thus, they also emphasized the value of honesty.

Another concept is that we have to pay attention to internet ethics and avoid hate speech as much as we protect ourselves in terms of cryptology and cyberbullying in the internet environment. Students drew attention to hate speech with the cartoons they prepared with the Toonytool vehicle.

While examining all these processes, of course, we also talked about our digital footprints and emphasizing that the digital footprints we leave during internet surfing have turned into carbon footprints, while being a good digital citizen, we have also promised to be a good environmentalist.

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I am Seçil GEDIK DOGANER, working as a teacher in a primary school affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Konya. I am also working in the Konya eTwinning team. I am an Apple Teacher and classdojo mentor. I love preparing project-based and interdisciplinary course scenarios. I wrote and published 7 out-of-school learning environment lesson plans for Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education.(Sille Nature School) I prepared 10 lesson plans related to mathematics-coding, mathematics-AR. I’m Scientix Ambassador & Boddle Ambassador.

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