T, R, I, Z Russian words; Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch consists of initials. TRIZ approach is defined as “Intuitive Problem Solving Theory” or “Invention Based Problem Solving Theory” or “Creative Problem Solving Theory” in English


Genrich Altshuller, the founder of the TRIZ theory, was born in Russia in 1926. He made his first discovery at the age of 14. Later he studied Mechanical Engineering. When the basic start-up in TRIZ began in 1946, he served as a patent officer in the Soviet Navy and was responsible for patenting inventions. During this duty, by learning the patenting processes; How original are patents? How to get to the patent stage? How was the problem that led to patents resolved, how was the problem that led to patents resolved? brought a systematic massage to his questions. The most important feature of the TRIZ approach is solving the main problem based on the solved problems.

To illustrate this with an example. A cycling company wants bikes to be sturdy and good. It fills the contradiction between the material used in bicycle construction and TRIZ. To be strong, they must use materials that will not break easily. They think these materials will not be easy to transport as they will be heavy. The bicycle company uses TRIZ to turn this contradiction into a common problem and applies the lock setting of TRIZ, one of its 40 Problem Solving Principles.

  • TRIZ encourages people not to be immediately satisfied with the solution of a problem, to look for a more ideal solution and to always be open to better ideas.
  • According to TRIZ, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to reach the best idea. Innovation can be realized with available and free resources
  • According to Triz, similar problems have similar solutions and well definition of the problems in this context makes it easier to reach a solution.
  • Systems do not arise randomly. The development of technology has not been haphazard, either. It has a systematic.
  • Triz is a structured, teachable and repeatable method that helps people to solve their problems in an innovative/creative way.

Can’t STEM be used as TRIZ is used in the example above? If there is a problem, can’t TRIZ and STEM be used together? Based on these questions, we can give the link between STEM and TRIZ in a table.