This work is part of the STEM KIDS e Twinning project. We are implementing this learning scenario with 12 teachers from 3 countries. Decisions were taken by holding online meetings, in our planning one of the themes determined in our project, where we touch on global problems, is thirst and the ability to generate solutions.

Student Age Group: 4-7 age group

  • Recognizing the importance of water
  • Using water resources efficiently
  • Identifying and designing water wells
  • Water filtration
  • Being able to express your opinions
  • Developing inquiry skills

Basic problem:
1.How do you solve the water problems of people living in Africa?
2.What do you do to reach clean water?
3.How can you clean the water?

First of all, children are shown the Globe and it is conveyed that it has different divisions. It is explained that the reason for the existence of these different sections is due to the different climatic characteristics in each section. Because children need to know that the world we live in consists of continents. The teacher used video narration to explain this well.

The teacher says that our Earth is in the shape of a sphere, therefore, has different properties. Thanks to these different features, the trainer explains that there are parts we call continents and one of them is the African continent.

Continents are shown through the world model And it is informed that there are 7 continents on Earth and one of these continents is the African continent. Images of Continents on Earth are shown to children, and features of the African continent are discussed and their size comparisons are provided. What are the most common difficulties for people living on the African continent? How can they overcome these difficulties? The teacher draws a concept map and starts brainstorming with the students.

Talking about the importance of water. We expect our students to come up with ideas about how difficult our life will be in a world without water.

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Our students are thinking about how we can benefit from rainwater, polluted water
they come up with ideas on how we can clean it. Thus, our students generate new ideas. They understand the importance and necessity of water, which is indispensable for our lives.
Water glass, paper towel, soil, groin

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

What are water wells with students? What does it do? . There is a talk about where the rainwater can go. What are the water wells with the students? What does this do? The learner measures the students’ prior knowledge. The teacher tells about the natural resources underground by doing soil survey in the garden with the students. In this way, students have the opportunity to compare and analyze. The students talked about where the rainwater can go. How water can be collected underground is discussed with the students. Students designed water wells with the leftover materials given.

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

A selection of pictures from the project practice– The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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