Energy From Wind

With our step by Step STEM eTwinning project, it aims to integrate STEM with the solution of nature-oriented daily life problems for our students . Daily life problems occurring in nature constitute the starting point of our project.

Why İmportand Systainable Energy?

The importance of Sustainable Energy has recently become better understood. Students need to recognize sustainable energy types. It’s important to raise awareness about this. At our event, we processed wind energy, a type of sustainable energy. How can we get electrical energy from wind? we looked for a solution to his question.

   We designed our workshop for the Step By Step STEM eTwinning project. In the study, we gave students a problem with the type of sustainable energy. Students sought solutions to the problem through STEM steps. We held workshop events with 4 sessions. Students will find a solution for generating electrical energy from wind energy.


The picture is the author’s own (Attribution CC BY)

Since the discussion at the events is based on Discovery, the knowledge and understanding of the students will be evaluated by their designs. Teachers will be able to assess whether children understand what energy means by looking at how they add a wind turbine to an electrical circuit.

Since the learning scenario is project-based, students will design sustainable solutions to the p Their learning scenario corresponds to 21st century skills because students are going to use ICT to produce some of the open source tools, they are going to deal with webpages or apps. They will be working in teams, thus improving their collaborative skills.

Furthermore, they will develop their:

 • environmental competence/conscience, climate change

 • creativity • digital competences

 • communication skills, transversal skills, and talents

Problem of everyday life. They test these designs.


The picture is the author’s own (Attribution CC BY)

Problem situation: there is a town where the weather is often windy. The power goes out a lot in this town. How can we generate our electricity with this type of alternative energy? With his question, we gave students the problem of everyday life. Students will find a solution to this problem with one of the types of sustainable energy.

Create Electical Circuit

Students watched videos describing the types of energy. With the Video, students discovered the types of energy. We created working groups. We gave the groups electrical circuit elements. Students researched how to create a electrical circuit. They formed an electrical circuit with circuit elements. Groups drew the circuits they formed. The groups explored what type of sustainable energy they could supply electrical energy with. The students decided that the most suitable source of energy would be wind. Until this stage, the groups did their work with research and brainstorming. Students will find a solution for generating electrical energy from wind energy.

The picture is the author’s own (Attribution CC BY)

Create Wind Turbine

Students conducted research on wind turbines. They explored how to add the wind turbine to their design. In their research, they discovered how to add the turbine to the circuit. They drew the designs of the house and its turbines. Students made wind turbines out of waste materials and with a dynamo engine. They designed a house out of Styrofoam. Groups added the wind turbine to the electrical circuit and removed the batteries. They started the turbine with a hair dryer. They tested the design. In their design, the energy generated in the wind turbine turned into electrical energy. The lamp in the circuit is on.

From their research, the students discovered the importance of sustainable energies for the world. They learned that wind is a source of energy. They saw how the wind turned into an energy source.At the end of the event, students filled out the assessment scale.


According to data from 28 students, students who participated in the activities in the draft project designed a solution to the problem. They have been observed that the students ‘ solutions are original and creative. It has been observed that there is interaction and synergy between students with group work.

   It has been observed that students ‘ imagination and problem-solving abilities develop in the right proportion with these activities. Thanks to the activities, students ‘ awareness of sustainable energy types has increased. It has been observed that students learn electrical circuit elements and electrical energy more concrete with applications.


Students discovered sustainable energy sources given. They understood the importance of sustainable energy species in Nature Conservation.  Students discovered how wind energy turns into electrical energy. Thanks to the activities; stem activities were integrated into environmental problems.