Collecting Machine ; I COLLECT – PLAY

Purpose of the Lesson Plan: We call it zero waste, we make (Collecting Machine ) “TOTALS” with waste bottles. We have fun and learn by collecting in Stem Discovery Week.

ENGAGE: The Collector Machine, designed using waste bottles, was built to raise awareness among students about preventing global warming and reducing the use of plastic. In addition, we realized our engineering design by contributing to the mental development of students with concrete operations in mathematics. During the Stem discovery week, they learned the gathering process by having fun

The teacher shows a card with a plus (+) sign to the children and asks about the meaning of this sign. After the answers of the children, it is explained that the sign is a plus sign and it is used in incrementing operations. (The plus sign is used in addition in mathematics. Addition means the increase of numbers and objects.

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The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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Candles on the Cake

Today was Utku’s birthday. His mother made him a birthday cake. Utkunun friends would also come to celebrate. Utku wanted to go to the kitchen and help his mother. Utku: Mom asked if I could help you.

Mother: Can you bring the candles from the drawer? Utku said, opened the drawer. He took enough candles to fit in his hand. He handed the candles one by one to his mother. He said one … two … three … four … and five. His mother said: you’re turning six. So what are we going to do? Utku did not know what to do. I wonder how many candles were missing? Her mother told Utku the collection process by reading the poem called plus sign. So Utku realized that he had to add one more candle to the five candles. Then his friends, whom he had invited, came home. Utku started the fun by putting out the six candles on the cake. Then they all watched the cartoon called “Pırıl – Space’s Gathering Machine”. (  Collecting Machine ).

After the story, the answers are listened to by asking various questions about the story. Simple collections are made for children with various materials in the classroom such as legos and wooden blocks.

Plus sign

My name is a plus sign

I make additions

When the increment is done

Don’t forget me

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The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
Bu görselin boş bir alt özelliği var; dosya ismi: toplambaccc.jpeg
The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)


The teacher hangs the card with a plus sign on the wall.

Performs simple addition with objects by repeating numbers.

Students are shown and permitted the material in question on their own.

Talk to the students about what to do with this material.

What if you wanted to design a collection machine for students? and they are asked to draw the protopy.

A collecting machine from waste materials is designed together with the students..

Collegting machine  :

Collecting machine Engineering phase construction and our Mathematics field collection competition

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The picture is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)

Talk about how we use collection in our daily life.

Simple coding work is done for the addition process.


The teacher tells the children “you are geniuses in mathematics, now we will play a game with you”.

With the dramatization method, she asks students to help an elderly aunt in their neighborhood while shopping for groceries. In the situation created, the students are asked to find the price, which is the sum of the two needs of the old aunt, who takes different needs from the market.

Before the students to design a collection machine; 3 large waste pet water bottles, one 1.5 liter waste pet water bottle and game balls are requested. Students are guided to make SUM by using these materials. Children learn by having fun by doing collecting operations with balls. For this purpose, using the wheel game (

application, the two numbers that appear respectively on the wheel are specified as the cost of the needs received at that moment. The teacher divides the class into two groups. Students are asked to collect using the previously designed material. Students who design a material similar to the material at perform the collection process with the help of this material.In this way, an activity based on learning by having fun is planned on how a mathematical operation is performed and its equivalent in social life.

Science: Students learn the addition and the (+) symbol, one of the four operations.

Technology: Students use the Wordwall application.

Engineering: Children design a collecting machine with waste materials

Mathematics: Students make simple addition using the material they have designed.

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Bad (1)
Good (2)
Excellent (3)
Creating the collecting machine (40 points)
The picker is not at the desired level is not fully finished
The collecting machine has been created
The collecting machine has been created and visualization has been added
Dam Resilience (20 points)
Very durable
Picking machine evaluation (20 points)
No evaluation made on the picking machine
Evaluation made on the collecting machine
Evaluation has been made on the collecting machine and redesigned according to the result
Introducing the collecting machine and sharing the process (20 points)
he collecting machine was not introduced
Collecting machine was introduced
The collecting machine introduction process has been done very well

*****Pictures, visuals and music are our project product and belong to us.

Author : Project Manager : Gülsüm Atile Hakkı Tatoğlu Primary School Antalya :  I have been doing projects related to STEM Scientix Turkey for nearly 3 years I am the Messenger, my eTwinning projects related to STEM 2021 European STEAM tastic I have 2 age categories 0-6 in the league. I’m running Future Will Come With STEM as my school’s erasmus KA101 project and eTwinning project. I help teachers in my country get a STEM school label.

Project Manager : Şerife Uysal Şekibe Aksoy Prımary School Karatay/ Konya

Hülya Sabancı Şehit Ömer Zeki Varan Kindergarten  Artvin

Feride Kuyumcu  Şehit Zeynep Sağır Kindergarten Selçuk /İzmir

Ayça Demir Cemalettin Gökay Kindergarten Eskişehir

Nurcan Mandal Adnan Menderes Prımary School Ankara

Demet Karakaya Dr. Ufuk Ege Kindergarten Ankara

Havva Küçükbaş Dumlupınar Primary School Boyabat

Arife Tuncer Piri Reis Primary School Antalya

Cemile Muslu Mustafakemalpaşa Kindergarten

Lucica Stefan Grădinița cu Program Prelungit nr.2 Caransebeş

Stanislawa Stephien Przedszkole Samorządowe nr 18 w Kielcach

Rıma  PETREIKIENĖ Šiauliai, LitvanyaŠiaulių lopšelis – darželis „Žiburėlis“

Ignat Daniela Mariana Școala Gimnazială Leonardo da Vinci, Bükreş, Romanya

Dumitrache Roxana, Scoala Gimnaziala Comuna Puchenii Mari, Romanya

 Valeria Dobrica  Ionești, RomanyaScoala Gimnaziala, komuna Ionesti

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