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We do not think about the damage to our environment. And we consuming it fast. Studies show that nature awareness, environmental protection and recycling education are important in early childhood.

This was the starting point of the Eco Picture events. Planning fun and creative STEAM activities in early childhood using recycled paper, plastic, natural and organic wastes in our environment

Eco Picture with Papers
Papers are the most used and most common recyclable materials for children. It was possible to get to know them closely and to plan events by recycling them first hand. With our students in the classroom. We now cut the papers in accordance with STEAM processes and created our Eco Picture activities.

spring tree

Eco Picture with Plastics
What are the plastic wastes that damage the nature the most and pollute our environment the most? We started by looking for the answer to the question. We guided our students to create Eco Picture with plastics suitable for STEAM processes.

planet design

Eco Picture with Natural and Organic Wastes
Maybe it was our most enjoyable subject. What can be make from an orange? What might be the pencil leftovers we use in the classroom? Why is compost important? Here is a creative STEAM study. Eco Picture and our questions waiting to us

designs with natural materials

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Havva Düzenli, I am a preschool teacher. Antalya / Turkey I'm working on. I have a master's degree in educational administration. I have been working as a Scientix Ambassador since March 1st.

5 thoughts on “Eco Picture

  1. I am Roma Skestenienė, a pre-school pedagogue and methodologist. I work in a kindergarten in Lithuania / Šeduva. Ecological education of children is very important, fun and useful for me. This project “Eco picture” is great, here we share the experience of STEAM activities on environmental issues with teachers of European schools.

  2. I think the early childhood period is very important in terms of gaining environmental and nature awareness and raising awareness about recycling ..

    I have observed that our students have gained a lot with our eco picture project.

  3. The eco picture project provided support for our preschool age group acquisitions. It made a difference for our students in producing new things by changing the perspective of our students. Gaining environmental awareness at this age will help the development of societies.

  4. I am a preschool teacher, Regina Guginytė, Šiauliai / Lithuania I’m working on. Teaching young children about ecology and the environment will teach them lessons they will take through the rest of their life because we are all connected. One of the best ways for children to learn about the environment is to experience it. Recycling with preschoolers is a simple way to teach them about taking care of their environment. Whether it be in the classroom, at home, or outside.
    I pay honour to the creators of the project. It was a pleasure to co-operate with you.

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