Seed Balls

With the seed balls activity, it is aimed that our students gain a love of nature, realize the importance of recycling and experience the beautiful pleasure of producing. It came up with the idea of bringing what comes from nature back to nature.


Should we bring what comes from nature into nature again?

Why is it important to protect our natural resources?

What is sustainability?
What comes to your mind when it comes to environmental sustainability?

Do you have any solution suggestions for this?

Our students are encouraged to brainstorm with their questions, and they are asked to offer solutions and research.

Seed balls are tiny balls that are thrown into the soil to provide plant formation in the soil, to revitalize and aerate the soil. Information is given on this subject. Also, seed balls provide a suitable environment for the development of seeds and protect them from external factors.

With this activity, our aim is;

  • Giving love for nature
  • To gain the awareness of protecting the environment
  • Emphasizing the importance of recycling
  • And to raise individuals who produce a productive society.

Creating seed balls

Creating seed balls
Waste papers are collected.
Water is poured on it and a while is waited for the paper to soften.
You can use a shredder at this stage if you wish.

Waste papers are mixed and turned into pulp. If there is excess water, it is filtered.
The seeds of the fruit or plant seeds are placed in the pulp and formed into a round ball.

The seed balls made are buried in the ground in a designated area in the school yard. This area is irrigated at regular intervals and observations are noted.

With the seed ball activity, it is aimed for our students to gain a love of nature, to realize the importance of recycling and to experience the beautiful pleasure of their productions.

Thanks to this activity, we have contributed to the valuation of papers and brought fruit seeds and seeds to nature.

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  1. It is a well thought-out activity for students to be intertwined with nature. Congratulations

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