STEM with Block-Based Coding

Technology is indispensable as a requirement of the 21st century. It will support permanent and meaningful learning in teachers’ technology classrooms. In this direction, the importance of technology integration increases in the teaching of new teaching methods and techniques. We must integrate Innovation and Technology into our education policies and teach our students to code, a requirement of technology. Coding Future with Team 5 Turks and 2 Spanish schools integrated IT programming courses into the eTwinning platform. The students passed on their knowledge to their families.


The aim of this project is for our students to actively participate in the process by exploring project and game-based learning. We create scenarios by associating them with algorithmic thinking and seek solutions. Developing life skills by integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and art with games. It is an important practice to make them understand that games are an educational element. Ultimately, students learn from and teach them to their families.

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They will relate the EU 2030 goals to the curriculum. We encouraged project and game-based learning to overcome learning difficulties. Through face-to-face and distance learning, we hosted a dance party on the website, asking students for their designs. The Power of Music Combines with Block Coding Power Algorithmic skills have been increased. All students from outside were divided into groups. He announced his products. Transmitted to each other by chatroom activity. Tell students to pass on the information they have learned to their families.

The video are the author’s own– (Attribution CC-BY)


Students improve their coding skills by associating them with math, technology, science,engineering and art. Algorithmic thinking, block-based coding skills, digital competence skills are developed. Their self-confidence increases by creating new products with their friends. They have the certificates issued by It takes the first step towards becoming a qualified individual. Their interest and knowledge in future STEM professions increases.

The pictures are the author’s own– (Attribution CC-BY)

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