Steam is part of the Matchmaking project. We are implementing this learning scenario with 14 teachers from 5 countries. Stories in accordance with the STEM approach were written with the project partners on the issues that reveal the problem situation. Based on these stories, our aim is to develop students’ skills to solve problems they may encounter in daily life. One of the themes determined in our project, where we touch on the environment in our planning, is the ability to generate renewable energy and solutions.

Student Age Group :  3-6 age group

  • To accept the importance of clean energy by focusing on the necessity of electricity and energy
  • Gaining awareness of what renewable energy sources are
  • Focusing on the importance of renewable energy sources not harming our environment
  • Examination and determination of waterwheel samples
  • Design of water wheels
  • Water wheels
  • Expressing ideas
  • Improving interrogation skills

Basic Problem:

Daily Life Problem Status:

1. What do you do when the power goes out?

2. What kind of problem awaits us all if the electricity goes out all over the world?

3.What natural resources can we use for electricity generation in nature?

4. Can we harness the power of water in electricity generation?

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)


The teacher intrigues the students by hanging the renewable energy sources pictures, posters and posters he prepared before the children came to the classroom in the relevant area in the corner ofcuriosity. The issue of clean energy sources is noted.

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)

He said: “The teacher tries to turn on the computer, saying it’s a video he’s going to show the kids, while he’s not plugged in.  The teacher takes the children’s opinions by asking why he has difficulty running the computer. There is a conversation about the importance of electricity and energy. Then the cable was plugged in and the videos below were watched.

It was explained that the need for electricity is increasing and electricity cannot meet the need. The importance of moving to energy was emphasized. With the videos, our subject is reinforced.

The subject and technology have also been used. I have been paired with  Liveworksheets from Web 2 tools and water doctrine  studies have been prepared. With these e-related studies,  we have ensured that our subject is reinforced.


“What are the instruments that work with energy and electricity around us and in our homes?” We’ve been looking for answers to your question. With this work we have done, we have reinforced what we have learned.


Ant Colony story: Ants named Badi,  Zed  and  Kali  went to the mole, the wise friend of the ant colony. They told me the pump at the colony waterfall was constantly down because of the electricity. They asked how they could find a solution to this situation.”  How can we help students with the heroes in the story? He was brainstormed with his question. The solution proposals offered by the students were evaluated.

What are renewable energy sources? The question was asked and information was given about clean energy sources such as solar, water and  wind  energy sources. The importance of these energy sources not harming our environment was emphasized. Avideo has been viewed to help studentsfind a solution to the peddration.


After watching the videos where they can find solutions to the problem and after the children’s opinions are taken, we now expect to have decided on our designs. Our students were asked to plan by drawing a portable of their decided designs.

The students were given materials and designed the waterwheels.

Ingredients: Cardboard cups, plastic plates, scissors, glue, a large container, pipette, garbage skewer, water.


A graphic study called “Our energy footprintin the world” was carried out. On the left, a graphic with pictures of the sun in front of the children’s names was designed. Question cards were created from the questions written at the bottom. The children were asked to choose one by one.  The suns of those whose answers were positive were painted. Thecognitive thinking skills of our students were supported by carrying out our graph study in thisway.

  • I turn off the lights when I don’t need them.
  • When I brush my teeth, I always leave the wateron.
  • I’ll leave all the lightson.
  • I’ll leave the window open when the heaters are on.
  • I’ll consume as much water as Ineed.
  • I do the dishes in the dishwasher with little water and detergent program.
  • I can count clean energysources.


  1. We have long forgotten about nature. Discovering nature means discovering oneself … But we polluted it, abused its resources, destroyed it. It is important to provide environmental education at an early age for the emergence of environmentally friendly behaviors in future generations. This education, which appeals to children’s cognitive, affective and psycho-motor learning areas, will be more effective if it is started at an early age. This is exactly what we are aiming at with the “Once Upon a Time … Steam” project.

  2. By finding solutions to the problems in the stories of our project, students’ ability to solve the problems they may encounter in daily life has been improved. These works made a difference in the “Evvel Zaman in STEAM” project. While the students were having fun and learning with these activities, they also learned how to find solutions to problems. Students designed water wheels and emphasized clean energy.

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