“The Circle of Water” based on STEAM. 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, April 20th, attended by 50 teachers from kindergarten schools in Athens.https://blogs.sch.gr/3syn60-at3/

STEAM activities were presented based on this approved program from Greek Institution of Education Policy . School teachers from all over Greece, presented activities with science such as: experiments on water soluability,coagulation and melting, objects that float and sink into the water.

They also peresented activities with educational software such as kidspiration, and Cmap tools, regarding to circle of water. In STEM we also have engineering activities such as building a dam and mathematics with the water cycle. Art acitivities such as artistic creations, theatrical play and dramatization with the journey of water were part of the project. Subsequently, coding programs were presented on the water cycle with the robot bee bot and ways we can introduce this robot to kindergarten. For example, we answered questions about how we can introduce the robot into kindergarten? What steps should we take?

In the end, we commented in the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign. For example:

What is STEM Discocery Campaign? How can I be part of this? What are the benefits for me and my students? Where can I find information about this Campaign?

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About vfoti

My name is Paraskevi Foti and I am an Educational Coordinator in Greek Kindergarten Schools (Athens). I started my carrier both as a Kindergarten teacher and a music teacher 21 years ago. Moreover, I studied Psychology and ICT in Greek University. I have been involved in STEM and educational robotics through eTwinning programs since 2017 and since then I have not stopped working on it and learning more! It is amazing!