Health Innovation with STEM

Health Innovation  with STEM is an eTwinning  project. With this project, we asked our students to come up with solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers from Turkey, Portugal and Jordan participated in our project. In our project, we wanted to create inavosian in health. for this reason, we took advantage of the STEM education approach. We’ve prepared our plans. We practiced it in our classrooms. We’ve prepared the students for the problem situations. Students have created solutions to these problems using STEM disciplines.

Making a Stethoscope

Our first activity was the preparation of stethoscopes for students. Firstly we presented the students with a problem situation. Diseases have increased in the hospital. Doctors don’t have stethoscopes.  What kind of product would you design? Secondly, we asked the students to design using waste materials from their homes. Finally, the students made their designs. They presented it to their friends in a live class.

Ambulans Uçak Tasarımı

As a second event, we asked students to design an ambulance plane. Firstly Here, too, we gave the students a problem situation. There are emergency patients for the students. These patients need to be moved to major hospitals. What kind of product would you design if it were you? Secondly the students built an ambulance plane using waste materials from their homes. Finally they presented it to their friends in live class.

Respiratör Yapımı

At the third event, we had another health-related event. Due to Covid-19 in many countries, patients had shortness of breath and needed respirators. Firstly We gave the students a problem with that. Due to Covid-19 in hospitals in your country, intensive care patients have proliferated. Many patients suffer from respiratory distress.Secondly what kind of device would you design in this case? The students made breathing apparatus using waste materials from their homes. Finally they presented it to their friends in live class.

With this project, students will design products to meet the needs of their countries when such a pandemic situation occurs in the future and contribute to the health system of their countries.

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